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map discovery with 3ND 3.0 or 3NS 6


map discovery with 3ND 3.0 or 3NS 6


I have a compus topology composed by 2 x8810 on the CORE

9x 2 7750 on each building.

and many 4500 stacks behind 7750.

- each 2x7750 perform local intervlan routing for each building and connect 4500 stack with L2 MSTP trunks.

- each 2 x 7750 are connected to the Core 8810 with OSPF with two links one on each vlan with stp disabled.

-each building has a private management vlan "subnet" for local 7750 and 4500.

the problem is 3ND 3 and 3ND 6 are not capable to discover the correct tolopology for the all compus devices, in more time when i discover a first building " 2x8810 + 2x7750 and 4500that well, if i continue for second time discovering the next building, i seen that some devices on the first discovery are losted.

Please is any one have an idea for this problem.

N.B : i use the relase for each switch models.


VCX Enterprise 3SA, LAN POST-PRE Sales, CCNA, CCDA
3Com VCX Enterprise Expert, 3Com Enterprise LAN Expert, HP AIS Network Infrastructure 2011, CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice, CCDA