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meaning of HI, EI & SI on HP 5500

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meaning of HI, EI & SI on HP 5500

Greetings, newbie here


I would like to know the exact definition of the following abbreviations:

5500 SI - ?

5500 EI-?

5500 HI-?



thanks in advance :)

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Re: meaning of HI, EI & SI on HP 5500

I think it was something like


standard image

extended image

high(end?) image

Ian Vaughan
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Re: meaning of HI, EI & SI on HP 5500



Lots of stuff common across the 5500 range so quite confusing.

All are Gigagbit edge ports with Comware v5 OS and are IRF (cluster/stack) configurable with the right (10Gb) modules in the back. IRF between common types i.e. all "5500EI" models. Very capable, a bit noisy, quite deep 42-46cm (?) so watch the cabinet depth. CX4 cables make them even deeper with bend radius .Types = Standard 24 and 48 port, POE+  24 & 48, and SFP (24?) options available. All are wire speed and have dynamic buffering capability.


As for the suffixes:


SI = Basic Routing i.e. Static & RIP, 10G option modules inc IRF stacking.


EI = Dynamic routing protocols (OSPF, BGP), VPN instances (VRFs) and MPLS MCE, 10Gb option modules, SFP version available. Single PSU with RPS option - SFP has dual PSU.


HI = dual Hot Swap PSU's, can do full 30W POE,  full MPLS/VPLS feature-set, built in SFP+ ports, in service software update capability


Not a lot of difference in street price between 5500EI fully loaded with 10Gb modules and 5500HI using DACs to stack. I'd buy 5500HI's all day long.


As for the "S" = Standard, E = "Enhanced" & H = "High Availability" - I thought...


Hope that helps.



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