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Re: mirrored port - bandwidth issue?

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mirrored port - bandwidth issue?

This may be a bit of a long shot but I'm having some trouble using port monitor/mirror on a HP A5120 switch stack and was hoping someone here might be able to offer some advice.

We have a Mitel PBX connected to the stack which our IP phones connect to and this all works fine. I've been asked to mirror the port the PBX is in to a port where we have a call recorder connected so it can pick up and record SIP traffic. As far as i can see the port mirroring is set up correctly - its a pretty basic 1 monitor 1 mirror setup and wireshark on the call recorder shows the mirror is working. The problem i have is that when i plug anything (call recorder or even just my laptop) into the mirror port and make test phone calls, none of them have any audio with the occasional "insufficient bandwidth" message. I unplug the device from the mirror port and they work fine again.
I realise this could be an issue with the PBX but as it works fine without the mirrored port i believe it's a switch bandwidth issue, has anybody come anything like this before when using a mirrored port?

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Re: mirrored port - bandwidth issue?

i think i may have figured this out - i received some bad info on which port should be the monitor and which should be the mirror (source port is mirror, port the data is copied to is the monitor). Hope it's that simple anyway :-)  will test this week


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Re: mirrored port - bandwidth issue?

yup, working fine now