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missing packets in CB 5000

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missing packets in CB 5000

I have a CB 5000 switch in my system w/ ethernet switch modules. At some point, packets coming into a given port in one switch are not coming out on the other switch. I log on the DDM and I see that no packets are dropped. Is there any way (either via a DDM command or some diagnostic tool) that I can look at the backplane traffic on the CB 5000? I want to determine where are the packets being held/dropped.

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Re: missing packets in CB 5000

open this url

After providing necessary information type in the field "Describe the problem..." the word "diag" without the ""

In the field "Product" look for "Corebuilder" and select it

In the field "Sub Product" look for "Corebuilder 5000 family" and select it

Ten click on "continue"

Then review the solutions listed.