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msr1003 l2tp not working

Occasional Contributor

msr1003 l2tp not working

we can not connect from a windows 7 pc to the msr1003

local-user vpnusr
 password simple #######
 service-type ppp
domain system
 authentication ppp local
 ip pool 1
l2tp enable
interface virtual-template 1
 ip address
 ppp authentication-mode chap domain system
 remote address pool 1
l2tp-group 1
 tunnel authentication
 tunnel password simple tunnelpwd
 allow l2tp virtual-template 1
 start l2tp ip 203.#.#.# domain system                                 public ip

display ip routing-table
display l2tp session
display l2tp tunnel

undo debugging all
debugging l2tp all
debugging ppp all

we see no connections
Wat is wrong?