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permit vlan to trasmit each others

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permit vlan to trasmit each others

Hi everybody,

I've successfully configured on my 3com 4500 3 vlan:

1) the first one is 192.168.98.x;

2) the second one is 10.135.1.x;

3) the third one is 192.168.0.x

Now I'd like to permit the routing between the vlans: I'd like to reach from my computer ( the server ( and so on... Can somebody help me?

Thnaks in advance

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Re: permit vlan to trasmit each others

first create the 3 vlans

vlan 10

description VLAN010

name VLAN010


vlan 11

description VLAN011

name VLAN011


vlan 12

description VLAN012

name VLAN012

and their interfaces

interface Vlan-interface10

ip address

interface Vlan-interface11

ip address

interface Vlan-interface12

ip address

enable routing

By default it is on, you should be able to access all vlans

you can place ACL's to avoid to allow or disallow traffic