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poblem using SNMP V3 on 7750


poblem using SNMP V3 on 7750

Hi evrybody,

i have activate snmp v3 on 7750 swith using admin for user and group and i have activate authentcation using the same group. i have delete the default commnity for v1.

when i lunch a discovry with 3ND 3.0 or 3NS6, i can just monitor but i can't manage or wite into devices.

please is any one has a sample config for this scenario


snmp-agent local-engineid 8000002B0012A9A860C06877

snmp-agent sys-info version all

snmp-agent group v3 admin read-view admin write-view admin

snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain params securityname monitor

snmp-agent mib-view included admin iso

snmp-agent usm-user v3 admin admin


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Re: poblem using SNMP V3 on 7750

hello Adil,

can you help me tp rovide the information how to enable SNMP on 4200 3com switch,I dont know much abt 3com configuraion.

or you can send me a link that helps me in configuring the 3com device.


Mohammad Ibraheem

Ed Holt
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Re: poblem using SNMP V3 on 7750

This is how you specify community string via CLI

You can specify SNMP community strings for the users defined on the unit using the community command on the SNMP menu.

To specify the SNMP community strings:

At the Top-level menu, enter:

system management snmp community

The following prompt is displayed:

Enter new community for user 'admin' :

The community string is limited to 30 characters.

Enter the community string for the user.

Repeat step 2 for the other users defined on the unit.

The default users and their default community string community strings are:




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Re: poblem using SNMP V3 on 7750

Thank you gru for ur response,

i dont understend the following instruction:

**** system management snmp community

can i use this commande is sysview.

about community, it's necessery to use snmp comunity name lik version 1 or no?

please can you send me an complete exemple?

Many thanks.

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