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switch 4226t power supply problems

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switch 4226t power supply problems

I have a 3com SuperStack 3 Switch, i have like five years using this switch with no problems until yesterday, i started to have problems with my connection. And the problem is the internal power supply because the unit has failed when initializing (Power/Self Test LED flashing green for about 30 seconds and then lights yellow meaning that has failed its Power On Self Test).

In the User Guide appears a Redundant Power System (3C16071, 3C16071A or 3C16071B) that connects to the switch to maintain the power to the switch if a power supply failure occurs, BUT this RPS (Redundant Power Supply) is discontinued. I wanna know how to replace the power supply. Or the voltages values that i can insert in the Pins of the RPS input socket or the internal power supply socket tha goes directly to the main board.

Thaks for your help

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Re: switch 4226t power supply problems

A POST (Power on Self Test) failure is more likely a PCB, bootrom or a lost/corruption of firmware issue and not an indication of a Power problem. 99% of power problems have 2 symptoms.

Box doesn't poower up at all

There are sparks, smells and smoke

Short answer is its probably just a dead switch that simply replacing it will be quicker and save you a lot of pain and aggrevation.

For the curiosity factor, you want to confirm its bas and/oryou want to try an reaise it from the dead. If it has a console port connect it to a Hyperterm window. See if there is a message of error number then look it up on the web.

Chances are you are going to need to replace it anyway.

Good Luck