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vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

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vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble to make a vLAN traffic work between my Core Switch A5120 and a V1910 switch.

The situation is this:

Actual scenario:

On the A5120 i have a vLAN ID 63 working with 3 others switches and a Firewall Juniper managing the traffic anda distributing a DHCP range for the subnet If i connect any device in any of theses 3 switches, everything works fine, the device receive an IP address from DHCP and communicates with other devices.



The firewall is connected to Ge1/0/27 port, and the switches are on the Ge1/0/28, 29, 32 ports, all of them configured as "tagged" for the vLAN 63.



What I want is to add a 4th switch to Ge01/0/22 port and deliver this same subnet for devices in it, so i set this port as tagged-63.



I tryied set the Ge1/0/1 port on the SWITCH_4 (HP V1910) as tagged-63 too and connect a notebook in any other ports, but didn't work and the notebook didn't get an IP from DHCP. I also tryied set the A5120 Ge1/0/22 port as untagged-63 and connect teh notebook directly to it, but didn't work either.

What i'm missing here? Can someone help me to figure it out?

I'm posting a draw of the topoly as well to make things more clear.


PS: I know that here is not a Juniper forum, but since my problems seems to be to correct set the vLAN from the A5120 to V1910 switches, I think you guys are the proper experts to help me.

I appreciate any help.

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Re: vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

Did you make all the rest of the ports on the new switch untagged in VLAN63?

Did you actually "create" VLAN 63 on the new switch?

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Re: vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

Hi Vincent,

Yes, I did create the Vlan-63 on the new switch.

I forgot to set the rest of the ports as untagged for the Vlan-63, so i'm doing this now.

By the way, on the core switch (the A5120) I configured the port 22 as tagged for the Vlan-63, is this correct?

I'm sending prints of the configuration on the new switch. Is there something more I should do?

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Re: vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

connect via ssh or telnet to switch 1910
use your credentials
type the following command: _cmdline-mode on
Answer this question with Yes
If you don’t have a password you will get a popup notification on the CLI Type the code 512900

Configure the port link interface between a5120 and 1910

interface gigabitethernet1/0/23
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 63

configure the ports the users example

interface gigabitethernet1/0/1
port link-type access
port access vlan 63




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Re: vLAN between switch A5120 and V1910

You appear to have forgotten to add VLAN63 as a tagged VLAN to g1/0/23