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AP 8760 in fit mode and dhcp

Occasional Contributor

AP 8760 in fit mode and dhcp


I followed these steps in the configuration of some 8760 APs:

1) converting into fit mode

2) assigning a static IP in 'M' menu during the boot of the AP (in console: IP configuration)

3) going back into dhcp mode (always in console by IP configuration in 'M' menu)

4) reboot the access point


Even if I configured the dhcp, the APs kept maintaining the static IP address. I also reset the APs into the fat mode and so these obtained the correct IP., but as soon as I reconverted these into the fit mode, they got the old static ip address.


What's wrong with this? May someone help me?




Thanks a lot







Valued Contributor

Re: AP 8760 in fit mode and dhcp

Unfortunately I cannot find any info on the 8760's . Not exactly sure how to change the IP address . I will continue to search for you .