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Re: Dhcp issue with 3 com wireless AP

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Dhcp issue with 3 com wireless AP

Hi everybody,


I am working in a telecom company which has four 3Com Wireless 8760 Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE Access Point. We use static Ip address rather then DCHP service in our organisation.As we do have  end users uses the laptop at home and office, We prefer to assisgn the static Ip address in the Alternative Configuration, but while connecting to our network most of the times it search for DHCP address(but we dont have DHCP server) and grabs 169.254.x.x that we have to restart the PC or Disable/Enable soo many times to accept the Alternate static IP address.I am having doubt in configuration with 3com Access i have checked dhcp-relay Enable.but it is disabled in the someone please give me suggestion to fix the issue.




Re: Dhcp issue with 3 com wireless AP

I think is better, you review the interface vlan configuration in the switch CORE.


I think, you need to review the dhcp relay application in this interface.


Because if this user connect to the AP, but can't get IP address and when you put a address the user connect and access the all things. It apparently is a problem in the dhcp relay configuration, because the requisition apparently arrive in the switch CORE, but this can't pass to the dhcp server.








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Re: Dhcp issue with 3 com wireless AP

So you are saying that the clients are getting the 169 addresses ?? this is normal if there isn't any IP address in the main NIC prop, this has nothing to do with the AP actually, check with Microsoft.


Correct me if I got this wrong please.


DHCP relay has nothing to do with this since you don't have a DHCP in the network.