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How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024

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How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024

hey guys,


can someone give me a quick lesson on "how to update a WX3024 Controller?"


i have the files i read the notes...

what's the best and easiest way to upgrade the firmware?


1. first of all i will connect through serial via telnet on the device and will do a backup...

2. after that i will update the main files! is this correct?

3. save configuration and reboot!


are these steps correct?


Thanks for the help in advance...








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Re: How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024



on the WX controllers you also need to manually update the firmware image files of the APs you are using. In the root of the controller you will find these files for the AP models you are using.

The controller will push these files to the APs when AP opens the management tunnel with the controller. It is important that this AP firmware is "in line" with the controller firmware, otherwise the AP cannot be managed or some features will not work as expected.


So process:

* save config

* backup config file on external device

* update the main.bin file

* update all required files

* reboot

* verify after reboot APs are online again

* save config

* backup config file on external device


Best regards,Peter

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Re: How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024

thank you peter!


i made a ftp server...i can access to the ftp server from the fine!


but now i have the problem that i can't backup the files!


i made these steps:


200 Type set to I

[ftp]lcd C:\Users\3combackup
 % Too many parameters found at '^' position.
[ftp]get main.bin main.bin

227 Entering Passive Mode (
550 File not found
FTP: Error Writing Local File(Screen).

i've done some backup on the controller but should i also backup via ftp the whole files to a extern device?


thanks raffa


btw; is the FTP transfer only in the local network possible?

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Re: How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024

In your ftp server you should be able to set a root folder (could be c:\ftp or something similar). The ftp client does not need to know the path on the actual server, it just connects with ftp and gets the contents of the configured root folder.


So on the ftp client you should not use "cd c:\...", since that is an invalid path from client point of view.

If the root on the ftp server is c:\ftp and it contains a folder \backup (so c:\ftp\backup), the ftp client should just connect and use "cd backup" to get to the subfolder.


Next part is the local config files on the controller. You can use on the controller "dir" to see the local files. There might be mutiple configuration files (*.cfg), so with "display startup" you can see which of these configuration files is used by the system.


Now you should be able to use ftp and get/put commands to download or upload files.


Make sure the windows ftp server allows creation of files/folders (both at windows level and at ftp software (user rights) level).

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Re: How to Firmware Upgrade on WX3024

yes, it works! my main error was that i didn't check the file names...shame on me!

now i make the backup! :-)

thank you peter

i appreciate your effort to help!

cheers raffa