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wx3010 portal - don't stop after authentication

Jose Raposo
Occasional Contributor

wx3010 portal - don't stop after authentication

Hi all,


After some struggle I've managed to get the portal authentication working with a wx3010 - local server + RADIUS.

After the user authenticates, he gets the logonSuccess page:

"Successfully login" + Logoff button


This is annoying... The user started the browser and typed some url he wants to go to. The authentication portal page appears and he fills the username and password. Success. But, where is my page ?? Have to type the url again ??


With wx1200 the portal have a message like "after some seconds you will be redirected to the page" and the user sees the "successfully login", waits a bit and the page he typed appears. That's fine.


Can I do the same on a wx3010 ?