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An HP ConvergedSystem optimized for SAP HANA

Grantby on ‎04-08-2014 09:18 AM

While CIOs support the idea of accelerating computing to meet business demands, there remains the issue of streamlining the datacenter to simplify complex SAP environments. Recently HP launched a system tailored to the needs of in-memory computing. To better understand the unique attributes of the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA, I asked Frances Guida, long-time SAP specialist, to walk me through the basics of this new system.


c04030239.pngGB: Frances, you’ve been servicing the SAP community for a long time. What are some of the new challenges customers are looking to solve?

Guida: You’re right, I’ve been with HP for more than 20 years, and back 15 years ago, I was the HP / SAP Alliance Manager, so I feel like I know the SAP space pretty well. What we’re seeing today are  customers looking for systems that can simplify their IT environments to be easier to manage, but still optimized for specific workloads. Typical SAP environments are complex. There are multiple databases, and multiple application servers running a wide variety of applications, such as ERP and supply chain. Many of these environments have to perform analytics. They also have multiple testing and recovery environments. To add to the complexity, many enterprises have duplicate environments across various divisions within their business.


SAP customers struggle with these complexities.


In the meantime, IT is put under increasing pressure to implement new applications and deliver faster insight into their business. IT managers struggle with mounting requests from their organizations to help them make informed business decisions faster than ever before. As a result, many of our customers are turning to SAP HANA to take advantage of the in-memory computing technology that solution has to offer.


The HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA really is hitting the sweet spot between those two trends.


GB: What specifically does SAP HANA offer these customers?

Guida: At its most basic level, SAP HANA provides and common data management platform that extends across the entire SAP landscape within an enterprise. That’s a big deal for a lot of these companies. First, SAP HANA allows them to simplify their data management. And by moving the data closer to the computing—in the memory—it enables the business to glean much more real-time insight from their SAP environment.


But this consolidation doesn’t happen overnight. For many customers, consolidating all this data is a journey. In fact, many businesses start with an analytics environment to really “kick the tires” and understand what HANA is, and how it’s different from what they have used before. They then typically expand to a broader data warehousing environment, moving processes that are more mission-critical to their business. Finally some of the business are looking to move beyond data warehousing and analytics to run some of the applications built specifically for SAP HANA.


We use the journey metaphor because not all customers are looking to go all the way to that application level. Some just want the analytics, some stop at the data warehousing stage.


GB: What are the typical requirements for a successful journey?

Guida: There are three things that organizations are really looking for when they are seeking a system to help them deploy and SAP HANA environment.


First, they are looking for a system that is purpose-built. They need a system that has proven performance (or has been tested), the right level of high-performance analytics and the assurance of enterprise-level data protection.


Second, they are looking for a system that is able to scale. Many of these data warehouse environments have a tendency to grow very rapidly, and the system needs to be able to accommodate that growth. The system also needs to scale from one step of the journey to the other—for example from real-time analytics to data warehousing to applications. The system also needs the scale its needs to consolidate vast amounts of data into a single warehourse environment.


Finally, as with any new systems implementation today, the system enterprises choose to support SAP HANA needs to be able to demonstrate a rapid Return on the Investment (ROI). IT needs to be able to go from order to operation, they need to be able to deploy with zero risk and disruption and they need to migrate the data and manage it better from day one of operation.


GB: How does the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA meet these requirements?

Guida: Well, we need to remember that we refer to HP ConvergedSystems as “Sharks.” That’s a good analogy. Sharks are designed specifically for speed and singularity of task. HP ConvergedSystems are designed to be a completely integrated solution. We engineer everything ourselves to deliver a full system—server, storage, networking, software and services all together. They are simple to manage and easy to support because we can treat it as a whole system.


The HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is an extension of the HP ConvergedSystems platform, built on this shark architecture.


We’ve really optimized this particular system for SAP HANA in three ways.

  1. Optimized for in-memory computing. The SAP HANA environment requires a completely different set of characteristics for availability, performance and protection.

  2. Optimized for scalability. HP ConvergedSystems are specifically engineered to scale as quickly as the customer chooses. These systems provide unmatched scalability—whether the customer chooses on-premise, hosted or cloud.

  3. Optimized for rapid ROI. This is an important note. Customers can start using an HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA as quickly as 15 days from ordering. That’s order to operation in as few as 15 days.


GB: What’s “under the hood” of the new HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA?

Guida: The HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is optimized for real-time data management. It’s a new addition to the HP ConvergedSystem portfolio. As you probably know, HP has introduced ConvergedSystems for Virtualization at the 300 and 700 level. The HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is a 500 system. It’s designed for entry-level to mid-sized SAP landscapes. There are 2TB available for business apps and up to 16TB available for analytics/data warehousing. It is built on the latest HP Proliant servers for the Ivy Bridge chip sets and 3PAR StoreServ storage. Later this year, HP plans to launch a larger system that is capable of scaling to larger data warehouses. More of that information will be available in the months to come.


Learn more about the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA. 


FGuida.pngAbout Frances Guida

Frances leads content development for HP Converged Systems, a portfolio of optimized systems for virtualization, cloud, and big data that are easy to buy, manage, and support. Previously, Guida has helped shape HP’s overall direction for cloud computing and hybrid delivery, drawing on deep experience in driving pioneering offerings like the HP Utility Data Center, the HP Virtual Server Environment and HP CloudSystem, the company’s flagship offering for building and managing clouds. 


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Pinnacle.jpgAlso, HP Enterprise Services was just named by SAP as Rapid Deployment Partner of the Year and Platform Co-Innovation Partner of the Year. That’s two SAP Pinnacle Awards we’re very proud of.









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