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Announcement: HP OneView 1.10 PowerShell Library released

chuckk281 on ‎08-14-2014 11:18 AM

HP OneView is a fresh approach to converged infrastructure management, inspired by the way you expect to work, with a single integrated view of your IT infrastructure. While HP OneView provides an easy and intuitive web user interface, not all administrators like to manage their infrastructure with a GUI.

This library provides HP OneView management capabilities for Windows PowerShell. The library can be used as either a CLI or using the core cmdlets to call from wrapper scripts.


The HP OneView 1.10 PowerShell library has just been published to CodePlex (  Here is what’s new (a lot of updates went into this release):


-- Branch to HP OneView 1.10 Release.  NOTE:  This library version does not support older appliance versions.

-- Fixed New-HPOVProfile to check for Firmware and BIOS management for supported platforms.  Would erroneously error when neither -firmware or -bios were passed.

-- Fixed Remove-HPOV* cmdlets which did not handle -force switch parameter correctly

-- Fixed New-HPOVUplinkSet and New-HPOVNetwork

-- Fixed Download-File where HTTP stream compression was not handled, resulting in incorrectly written/downloaded files (backup, support dump and audit logs)

-- Fixed New-HPOVProfileConnection and the query to the Index when a Network Resource Name was provided.

-- Fixed Send-HPOVRequest where if the request was to bulk create resources (e.g. '?multiResource=true'), the cmdlet would endlessly loop and generate an 'Invalid JSON Primitive' error.

-- Updated throwing errors to provide a more consistent experience.

-- Updated Send-HPOVRequest to allow for additional headers to be passed in order to support storage volume removal

-- Updated New-HPOVProfile to attach Storage Volumes

-- Updated resource type revisions to support 1.10 (i.e. EnclosureGroupV2, etc.)

-- Updated New-HPOVStorageSystem, added ports and domain processing

-- Updated Get-HPOVUser to return user account objects, and included a Report switch to display account in a tabular format

-- Updated Get-HPOVProfileConnectionList to display Network Name, and ordered by Connection ID instead of Physical Function (aka FlexNIC)

-- Updated Show-HPOVAppliance to return PSCustomObject instead of System.Array

-- Updated Update-HPOVLogicalInterconnect to support Reapply LI configuration

-- Added New-ErrorRecord to create a custom $PSCmd.ThrowTerminatingError() or $PSCmd.WriteError() process.

-- Added Set-HPOVUser to update/modify user accounts with a native cmdlet

-- Added Get/New/Update/Remove-HPOVStorageSystem

-- Added Get/New/Remove-HPOVStoragePool

-- Added Get/New/Remove-HPOVStorageVolumeTemplate

-- Added Get/Set-HPOVStorageVolumeTemplatePolicy

-- Added Get/New/Remove-HPOVStorageVolume

-- Added Update-HPOVEnclosure

-- Added New-HPOVProfileAttachVolume

-- Added support for tunneled/untagged networks to New-HPOVNetwork and New-HPOVUplinkSet

-- Added Update-HPOVLogicalInterconnectFirmware

-- Added Get-HPOVStorageVolumeTemplatePolicy and Set-HPOVStorageVolumeTemplatePolicy

-- Added Stop-HPOVAppliance and Restart-HPOVAppliance

-- Removed redundant returns from New-HPOVProfile

-- Removed private Verify-Auth cmdlet from library.

-- Removed calls to verify-auth as it no longer exists

-- Renamed Set-HPOVAlertCleared to Clear-HPOVAlert 


Please know that there is still work to be done with this release.  Take a look and let us know what you think.


Link to HP OneView download and documentation.

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