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Award-recipient HP OneView delivers value, increased ROI for data center management

tammie_aron ‎12-10-2013 02:27 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:00 AM


FS.jpgGreat value and increased ROI are two of the key reasons consulting firm Frost & Sullivan just awarded HP OneView its 2013 North American New Product Innovation Award in Software Defined Data Center Management Platforms. I recently spoke with Jeff Carlat, Director, HP Converged Systems Product Management; and Brad Kirby, Product Group Manager, HP Converged Systems Business Unit; to discuss how HP OneView provides these benefits for converged infrastructure management.


Tammie: How does HP OneView deliver value to data center administrators?


Jeff: I was just looking at Frost & Sullivan's benchmark criteria for the award: innovation, leading-edge technology, value-added features, benefits, and increased customer ROI. In terms of value, Frost & Sullivan highlighted HP OneView’s all-new graphical user interface. It’s designed to make it really easy to manage the underlying infrastructure without overburdening an administrator with too much information.


Tammie: Similar to the way a smartphone app works?


Jeff: Right. We call that progressive disclosure. And, by coupling that intuitive GUI with innovative features such as Smart Search — a predictive, Google-like search feature that helps you identify and isolate any component or group of infrastructure — HP OneView streamlines data center processes. When you use this platform with HP BladeSystems, you can deliver a 42 percent lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over a three-year period.


Tammie: How does HP OneView help lower TCO?


Jeff:  Lower TCO comes from both the inherent benefits of BladeSystems over traditional rack-mounted servers, and from increased efficiencies in the way HP OneView differs from traditional management tools. For instance, HP OneView’s Activity Feed enables IT administrators to collaborate in real time to manage the data center, rather than having to rely on email or spreadsheets.


Tammie: How else does HP OneView deliver value as a software-defined data center platform?


Jeff: IT administrators can now capture tasks — such as rolling out a VMware ESX cluster — as software-defined templates and add them to a catalog, so that any task can become an everyday process that anyone can roll out on multiple systems with precision and speed, with a reduced risk of error due to far fewer manual processes. Fewer errors also mean you have a much lower risk of potential security breaches.


Tammie: How do these software-defined processes tie in with IT’s overall ability to deliver services?


Brad: HP OneView provides infrastructure control points into IT service management solutions, extending their ability to effectively manage the infrastructure. HP OneView can deliver data about how the systems are configured, how much storage you have, how much memory, and how much CPU. Through HP OneView’s RESTful APIs, we can serve that information directly into IT service management solutions.


Tammie: How else does HP OneView enhance IT’s ability to deliver services?


Brad: Another important part is this notion that you have a configuration management database that stores information about all the assets in your environment. You use that to track changes. All of the changes that happen in your converged infrastructure are layered into HP OneView’s Activity Feed. A configuration management database tool could subscribe for the updates, then when it notices a change in the system, interrogate that system through HP OneView’s RESTful APIs for the data that it needs.


Tammie: What benefit does that deliver to the line of business?


Brad: Larger companies have a real problem understanding the assets they have within their environment. If you don’t know about configuration changes, you’re apt to make a mistake when you update it the next time. Or, if you don’t know about the configuration of the assets within your environment, you may not know whether it’s going to be suitable for the next version of the hypervisor or the operating system. HP OneView’s ability to feed that configuration management database, in this case through RESTful APIs, allows that business to make better decisions about updating and refreshing its infrastructure.


See for yourself how the award-winning HP OneView platform delivers value and increased ROI to your data center. Download HP OneView software free for 60 days.





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