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Deliver on the New Style of IT with Mobile Workspaces

celialawren on ‎06-11-2014 03:00 PM

By Guest blogger Natalie Lambert, Sr. Director of Integrated Product Marketing, Citrix


Recently, I read an interview with James “Coop” Cooper, Chief Technologist, Mobility & Workplace Global Practice, and Distinguished Technologist at HP Enterprise Services. He said that in the future, businesses will simplify their environments and focus on applications, data, and enforcement of security controls. While this may seem simple, this is a big shift. Historically, businesses have focused on devices. Yes, they were responsible for ensuring that employees had access to all of their applications and data on these devices and that these devices were secure, but it is a surprisingly different mindset for businesses.


Now, let me first say, I couldn’t agree more! Organizations are seeing massive changes in how their employees behave and in turn, their expectations from IT. People now use at least three devices a day and they are a mix of corporate and personally-owned devices. And, as mobility has become an expectation – no longer a benefit for a select few – people now demand access to all of their apps and data from wherever they are. To make matters worse, “there’s an app for that” is the new mantra and people want micro-apps available to them to complete all of their tasks – both personal and professional. So, these changes have created an exponential number of new “things” IT sees in the environment.


Today, businesses are struggling to adopt and implement the necessary technologies that will allow the secure delivery of work apps and data to devices that are not corporate-owned as well as to the same devices that host personal information. This is where a mobile workspace comes in. A mobile workspace is a portable, always on, always connected working environment that follows an employee no matter where they go, no matter what device they chose to use, and no matter what connectivity they happen to be leveraging. What’s great is that this mobile workspace gives people secure access to all of the content they need to get their work done on the same devices that host personal content – even personal devices.


A complete mobile workspace has the following characteristics:

  • Access to applications. Regardless of the application type – Windows, web, SaaS, or mobile – people have access to all of the work applications the need, wherever they are, on any device.
  • Access to corporate data. Employee data follows users, securely, across all of their devices to ensure ultimate productivity. Employees can even share data as needed with colleagues and customers.
  • Access to collaboration tools. Collaboration applications make it possible for people, whether in or out of the office, to collaborate with each other to produce the best results.
  • Access to the intranet and other internal resources. Secure mobile access is provided to employees that are outside the corporate network. This gives them the ability to access apps, data, and services that previously weren’t available outside the corporate LAN.
  • Content access wherever people are and on the device of their choice. People choose devices for personal reasons – look, apps, size, fashion statement, tech bling, etc. Regardless of their choice, their content is available to them.
  • Flexibility for IT to provide services over any network and from any cloud. Organizations make strategic decisions about where to host services. Regardless of their choice for these employee-facing apps and services, it can be delivered seamlessly in the workspace.


I believe HP is onto something: delivering a new style of IT enables the focus on what matters to people and to the business and the de-prioritization of everything else. It arms IT organizations with the tools they need to support productivity from anywhere, on any device. When James was asked to provide one big idea thought leaders need to keep in mind to remain successful, he said “in the future we will need to structure our mobility and workplace services so that they can adapt to the pace that users shift. Understanding how future generations interact with each other and with information, as well as how they perform tasks, will be key to driving business value.” Agreed. And, with mobile workspace solutions from HP and Citrix delivering on this new style of IT is available today.


Want to learn more? Citrix is at HP Discover! Come to our booth and learn more about mobile workspaces and the joint solutions from Citrix and HP in the following breakout sessions:

  • BB4394 - Mobilize your enterprise with mobile workspaces from Citrix and HP
  • TK4178 - Transform your business with HP ConvergedSystem plus HP OneView: The automation solution for the only data center infrastructure you will ever need
  • TB4395 - Architecting Citrix XenDesktop Solutions with the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops


Also, check out the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops.




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