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Delivering on our promise for simpler, faster and higher ROI

celialawren on ‎06-09-2014 04:00 PM

By Guest blogger Tom Joyce, SVP and GM, HP Converged Systems


A year ago, we were on the eve of Discover 2013 Las Vegas and had just formed the Converged Systems organization. Our customers were pleased with HP Converged Infrastructure and had been pushing us to go further, to actually deliver totally pre-integrated systems designed and built from the ground up so they could better deal with new workloads required by Big Data and mobility. They wanted to virtualize their environment safely and simply, without creating even more complexity. They wanted to get out of the business of evaluating and designing infrastructure so they could help their organizations capture new business. And they wanted a clear path to the Cloud.


We used the Shark as metaphor and mascot for our new organization because it embodies the characteristics of what we wanted to achieve – an apex predator at or near the top of the marine food chain, elegantly designed for speed and efficiency.


Six months later, we released the first shiver of Sharks – the HP ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualization and the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops - at HP Discover Barcelona. Both metaphor and mascot stuck, and so has our promise of ‘simpler, faster, and higher ROI’ to customers.


Since then, we’ve released the HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA and the HP ConvergedSystem for Microsoft Analytics Platform. To paraphrase Alvy Singer, a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. I’ve always wanted to use those lines from Annie Hall and today I’m here to tell you we do not have a dead shark on our hands. We are relentlessly delivering the next level of converged management and HP ConvergedSystem.


HP OneView is the automation hub for your entire data center


HP OneView now extends management across HP 3PAR storage, enabling flexible storage resource pools with converging automation of servers and storage. It serves as an automation hub, so to speak, allowing you to simplify and consolidate the tools you use in your environment while automating routine operations. And because HP OneView makes integration possible across the VMware and Microsoft management ecosystem, you can manage your infrastructure through the console of your choice without detailed knowledge of each device. Your time is freed up to focus on driving new business opportunities, which will make you a hero.


Introducing the newly enhanced ConvergedSystem platform for IT-as-a-Service


HP OneView is now combined with HP ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualization to provide a common management platform across servers, storage and networking. These new HP ConvergedSystem offerings not only deliver 2X the performance of comparable systems, they also radically reduce cost, time and complexity. We’ve found that you can reduce IT OPEX by automating complex and everyday IT tasks and using a single, integrated view of devices in your datacenter. Frankly, the enhanced ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualization are the most efficient way to deliver virtualized IT-as-a-Service and provide a solid foundation for your private cloud deployments.


A big brother SAP HANA Shark to take a bite out of your Big Data challenges


Announced last week at SAP Sapphire, the new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA is the most powerful member of our Sharks family and the most powerful integrated in-memory SAP HANA system in the industry. This is not an overstatement. It is a 6T/8s system, a massively scalable 12TB/16s scale up system, and an extreme scale 80TB+ scale out system that lets you manage and analyze extremely large and diverse datasets for real-time business decision making. With the HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA, we just doubled the current industry standard of 6TB of memory in one system. Under Project Kraken, we worked with SAP to create this new ConvergedSystem, to power your most mission-critical business applications from a single scale up system and guarantee 100% uptime.


Shark Economics means, well, fastest time to value


Over the past year, we’ve developed a new business model we call HP ‘Shark Economics’. This business model helps you reduce time spent on system integration and maintenance and free resources so you can focus on driving business opportunities. Simple to buy, manage and support, these systems can be ordered in as little as 5 clicks. They come fully integrated and delivered from the factory, then installed and incorporated into your network. They are then tested with over 200 scripts ensuring a high quality, operational system in 20 days or less. And because HP ConvergedSystem leverages repeatable building blocks, you can grow fast, adding capacity in just 5 days. Your ROI is redefined through “Shark Economics”, so you can efficiently take a bite out of operational costs, minimize downtime and proactively avoid errors.


Another way we’re helping speed deployment is through the use of HP App Maps. App Maps include validated recommendations built on decades of HP technical expertise, ISV best practices and reference architecture designs and help you reduce application set up time and configuration errors. We’ve just added seven new App Maps to the portfolio.


I am very proud of delivering on our promise of simpler, faster and higher ROI and want to thank our customers for

proactively sharing your IT vision so we can continue to deliver on it. This first year leading the Converged Systems organization reminds me that this is a journey. All of us just want it to be faster. But for this week at HP Discover, I’m happy to pause and show off our shiver of Sharks. Come swim with us!




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