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Experience matters most for SAP Competence Centers

Chris Purcell on ‎11-22-2013 07:35 AM

Written by Jodie Jordanger


Competence Centers in support of leading technologies have been around for a long time. They are very important because they consolidate a lot of expertise into one centralized location and can greatly aid in facilitating communication and knowledge sharing between technology experts.  To be effective however, they require a lot of in-house expertise and know-how.   


So, if you’re a company looking to open a brand new Competence Center, especially one that is located in Walldorf, Germany, and in support of a solution like SAP, you’d better have the history to back it up.  At HP, we have that history and have been putting it into practice since our SAP Competence Center opened 23 years ago.   From that day forward, it has supported over 20,000 SAP installations, thousands of proofs-of-concept, and hundreds of joint HP/SAP engineering initiatives -- all in support of our SAP customers, which is by the way, among the largest installed bases in the world.   


Dating back to 1990, HP’s Competence Center in Walldorf began with three HP engineers to help SAP get project “Heidelberg” (later called R/3) up and running.  Twenty-three years later, HP is still there, helping to optimize SAP solutions, like SAP HANA, for customers who are interested in the latest and greatest technologies available in the industry.  While other companies are just now opening SAP Competence Centers, HP is continuing to extend our center’s capabilities with latest HP Converged Systems technologies and solutions around SAP HANA, Cloud, and mission-critical operations.  


Today, HP’s SAP expertise covers the globe with over eight thousand trained professionals.  In our Walldorf Competence Center, located conveniently on SAP’s campus, HP’s dedicated engineers work day-in and day-out with SAP engineering to support and develop strategic initiatives that accelerate customer time to value, including SAP HANA.  And speaking of HANA, it’s important to note:

  • HP’s SAP Competence Center has supported over 300 SAP HANA installations in just the last 2 years  
  • SAP Competence Center is currently running over 50 SAP HANA Proof of Concepts (PoC) for the top 30 customers world-wide
  • HP provides “free of charge” SAP HANA experts available to support SAP HANA customers
  • HP AppSystems for SAP HANA Gen 1.2 scale-out appliances with HP 3PAR StoreServ allow customers to install multiple HANA instances on the same appliance. 

And that’s not all.  HP’s SAP Competence Center has been involved in a number of ‘industry firsts’ when it comes to SAP HANA: 

  • HP is #1 in BW-EML industry benchmarks  – read about our most recent and exceptional performance testing   
  • HP was first to announce Virtualization for HANA – an 8 socket box capable of running fifteen VMs which significantly lowers the cost of test/development HANA environments
  • HP has announced HP As-a-Service for SAP HANA – a new cloud service that bundles SAP HANA software licenses along with hardware and ongoing management into an As-a-Service solution, designed for flexibility and lower TCO for customers.  The solution runs in an HP Managed Cloud environment and can be delivered as a managed virtual private cloud or managed private cloud in one of HP’s data center facilities. 

When it comes down to supporting your business, it’s not just about putting hardware and software together and hoping they deliver results close to expectations.    Experience matters.  HP’s SAP Competence Center wasn’t born yesterday – it’s born out of 20+ years of co-innovation, trust, and leadership. 


For more information on SAP and HP, check out this site.




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