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Got storage? Eliminate Complexity with Convergence and Automation

celialawren on ‎06-10-2014 09:00 AM

By Guest blogger Brad Kirby, Group Manager, HP Converged Systems


On June 16, HP will help customers take the next step on the journey to converged management and their vision of IT-as-a-Service with HP OneView 1.10. In a previous blog we discussed how HP OneView delivers a fresh approach to infrastructure management by working the way that our customers work as opposed to the way that their infrastructure works. We make it simple for users to configure, deploy, monitor and update infrastructure across traditional silo boundaries, and we make it easy for them to search the information they need and communicate with other users in the same way that they use technology in their everyday lives.


In HP OneView 1.10, we add SAN storage provisioning and management to fulfil an important promise made to our customers at the HP OneView 1.0 launch. Users will be able to easily import 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays, define and provision storage volumes, and automatically zone the SAN as part of the provisioning process. With HP OneView 1.10, HP delivers true converged management where server, network and storage management functions use the same user interface, the same API set, the same template-based configuration process, and the same security services. This results in significant time savings, and it reduces risk.




HP OneView1.10.png

HP OneView templates simplify and automate the provisioning of servers and storage


Unlike products that loosely federate multiple element managers, HP OneView is specifically designed to manage across server, storage, and network domains, providing end users with a consistent management experience. We are still early in the convergence journey, but in 7 short months since the release of HP OneView 1.0, HP is delivering some of the most comprehensive converged management in the industry.


The HP OneView 1.10 release also delivers enhanced server and connectivity management enhancements. HP DL server customers will now be able to use server profiles to deploy and manage firmware updates. For the DL360 and DL380 profiles will also enable BIOS configuration. In the future more of the template-based management for BL servers will become available on the DL platform.


HP Virtual Connect feature support also gets a big boost with support for Virtual Connect FibreChannel models and the new Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8, which delivers ultra-high performance 40GbE uplinks and 20GbE downlinks. With Virtual Connect, customers can reduce the cables and componentry required to connect to their network by 95% and to 3PAR StoreServ storage by 86%. HP OneView’s template-based provisioning makes it simple to configure uplinks and downlinks in a Virtual Connect environment and roll out the right configuration the first time and every time. HP OneView also features dynamic network configuration that allows VLANs to be added to a Virtual Connect environment without restarting target servers.


The “Automation Hub”


HP OneView is built for automation and, with HP OneView 1.10, we introduce the notion of the “automation hub.” When you think of a hub in the context of air travel, you think of the airport control tower. The control tower monitors what is happening in the surrounding air space and can inform pilots about how they should alter their speed, altitude and approach. If the pilot requires special treatment, the control tower can re-direct traffic in the air and on the ground to service the request.


HP OneView works in a similar way with a state change message bus, based on the industry standard Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol, that communicates changes occurring in the environment and a complete REST API that enables HP OneView functions to be exercised programmatically. By communicate changes through the message bus and exposing data, templates, and tasks through an industry standard REST API, HP OneView acts as an automation hub or a control tower for infrastructure Important changes to the infrastructure can be communicated to administrators and consuming applications in realtime. Administrators and applications can then control the infrastructure through HP OneView in a highly automated fashion. The HP OneView automation hub interacts with VMware vCenter, Microsoft System Center, HP Operations Management, and the HP Universal Configuration Management Database, enabling automation of core tasks like cluster creation, end-to-end fault analysis, and automated asset management. This is illustrated in the graphic below, and we’ll provide more information in future blogs. The key is that these tasks require very little if any direct administrator interaction.


HP OneView2.png




Future ready platform


HP OneView 1.10 is a critical point on HP’s quest to deliver the industry’s best converged management platform. Be sure to take a look at the other blogs in this series to learn more about the specifics of new storage, server, and Virtual Connect management releasing this month. And while HP OneView 1.10 represents a big step forward in the HP converged management story, there is more to come. As HP OneView momentum continues to grow, teams across the HP Enterprise Group continue to build new or enhanced support, placing HP OneView at the core of their management strategy. Keep your eyes on this space; you will not be disappointed.


If you’re attending HP Discover, please stop by to say hello at the HP OneView Interactive Wall and Living Lab area in the Discover Zone and check out the HP OneView 1.10 demo. I look forward to seeing you here this week.


You can also learn more by viewing the HP OneView 1.10: Provisioning HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage video.




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