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HP OneView Deployment & Management Guide, your GPS to Converged Infrastructure

KWhelan ‎12-17-2013 02:47 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:00 AM

Guest blog written by Jeff Holderfield, HP Enterprise Servers Storage & Networking


Recently I was at HP Discover in Barcelona.  I had a great time talking to a wide array of customers with vastly different situations and configurations.  Regardless of the size of the customer, the number of servers, how geographically diverse they were, or whatever the situation, there was a consistent theme among them all … How can HP help me do my job more efficiently?  Everyone would like to have more time because we all have more tasks to do than we have hours in the day. HP employees are in the same boat – we have just as many tasks and just as short of a schedule. 


Yet, honestly even with that tight schedule, I did have some downtime while I was in Barcelona and did some exploring.  The views from Park Guell were amazing.  Walking through town, there were some beautiful historical places.  At one point I was looking for the plaza where Columbus reported his discovery to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.  I got lost in all of the small, winding streets. (Please don’t tell my wife I just admitted to that.)   Thankfully I had my phone, so I was able to open up my GPS so that I could get there and get some great pictures. 


While I was able to take some time to enjoy the sights, my primary focus for the trip was seeing customers.  A lot of conversations covered HP OneView.  Some knew about it.  Some didn’t.  In case you fall into the latter category, on September 25th, 2013, HP launched a revolutionary new product called HP OneView.  HP OneView provides a simple, consumer-inspired user experience that dramatically accelerates everyday tasks.  By changing the focus from ‘how devices are managed’ to ‘how people work,’ HP OneView delivers a software- defined management platform that is extensible and easy to use.


Because HP OneView is new, there are some new ways that things are done and some groundbreaking original concepts and features.  Change can be scary.  But change can also answer the questions we have been asking; like those I heard from customers.  HP OneView makes administrators more efficient by enabling them to get their jobs done faster, easier, and through a simple to use and easy to navigate interface.  HP OneView is just one answer that I was able to give to the customers that asked me the question about being efficient.   See for yourself how the award-recipient HP OneView platform can foster innovation in your data center. Download HP OneView software free for 60 days.


Navigating infrastructure can be challenging.  Like the GPS I used in Barcelona, think of HP OneView Deployment and Management Guide as your GPS to building a converged infrastructure.  


 When you need to be pointed in the right direction, open this guide and find your way.  The HP OneView Deployment and Management guide is designed with administrators in mind because it is task oriented.  The Deployment and Management Guide has two major sections.  The first section is Deployment.  This section walks administrators through setting up a new OneView appliance.  The second section is a collection of use cases that an administrator may need to do on a day to day basis.  This handy reference will guide administrators through the new methodologies within HP OneView. 


Just as Columbus brought us a brave new world through his efforts, the HP Server team brings our customers a brave new world in the converged infrastructure through HP OneView.    The Deployment and Management guide will assist you in getting to your destination much faster than Columbus was able to find the new world. 

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