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HP OneView: Navigate the data center easier than Cisco UCS Manager

chuckk281 on ‎10-23-2013 01:18 PM

Fundamentally every process in the data center has a similar set of common tasks that need to bring about a successful resolution. Whether it’s deploying, operating or maintaining infrastructure, every administrator must:

1.            Identify and monitor what needs to get done

2.            Collect basic information

3.            Understand the status and dependencies of what other systems are involved

4.            Collaborate across teams to do the work

5.            Communicate to people the process status, completion or failure

We created HP OneView to make sure ALL tasks in the IT process run with extreme efficiency at any scale.  Dashboard, Environmental View , Smart Search, Map View, Templates,  Activity Feed – all of these HP OneView elements are designed from the ground to change the management approach from managing devices to how teams work together to get tasks done.


When navigating unfamiliar shoal waters a sailor needs a good chart to prevent running aground when making course changes.  A bad chart can result in sinking the ship. Similarly navigating data center complexity requires a good map to prevent problems when making changes.

In this HP OneView video, Chris Bradley, HP BladeSystem Engineer - HP Servers demonstrates how HP OneView understands a common scenario ofa System Administrator function to make a network change, and wanting to assess what services in the datacenter might be impacted before implementing that change. Chris once again compares how the System Administrator would accomplish this task using HP OneView MapView and compares its ease of use to the tool set of another vendor, namely Cisco UCS Manager. Assessing the impact of a simple change to a Network for example can be a difficult task with older tools.

This is only one of the 5 essential tasks that HP OneView helps simplify in common IT processes but clearly it is a new compelling way of managing infrastructure.  You can find more information at

Watch Chris go through the HP OneView MapView function in this video

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