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HP OneView automated management saves time and increases productivity

tammie_aron on ‎04-10-2014 12:00 PM

Guest blog by Brad Kirby, HP OneView product group manager


I’ve been hearing some great customer stories about how the automation in HP OneView makes a real difference in enterprise data centers. A major transportation company, for example, plans to use HP OneView to manage infrastructure in a new Tier 4 data center designed to host all of the organization’s mission-critical systems. According to the principal architect, the company anticipates saving around $1,100 per enclosure thanks to faster and more consistent blade server and blade infrastructure provisioning.


The company especially likes the HP OneView’s server and connectivity profiles, which let subject-matter experts define the environment once, and then enable less-experienced staff to use these predefined best practices to configure servers and network connectivity in rapid and consistent fashion. By contrast, traditional management systems often require staff to create and maintain a very complex, intricate set of scripts to automate hardware provisioning and management. This often slows down IT roll-outs as the script creation and debug process can be quite lengthy.


In the past one of the areas of complexity associated with management environment setup was ensuring proper setup of the security elements that allow the management server to talk to managed devices. HP OneView radically simplifies this initial setup step by automating the entire process of establishing communications between the management platform and the managed nodes in the environment.  This has been a key selling point for a lot of customers that have started to roll out the product.


Templates maximize efficiency

As we mentioned earlier, HP OneView server and connectivity templates enable customers to streamline the process of defining and rolling out server and associated infrastructure configurations.  The transportation company has created one set of templates that define the configuration physical servers, and another for virtualized server hosts. HP OneView delivers huge productivity and efficiency benefits to this scenario. Says the company system architect, “I can capture essentially two templates in HP OneView and my work is done. Once I’ve got those two templates configured, then whenever I get new hardware that I want to bring into the environment, I simply provision it using those templates.”


Most likely, as time goes on this company will want to use more than two configurations. It’s not going to be just two. But instead of having each system be its own unique deployment, or the need to create and maintain a complex library of scripts, they’re able to just use the template-based functionality.


What’s great about this approach is that it really does provide an end-to-end method for configuring systems. It’s not just about configuring BIOS settings or RAID, or creating and applying the network settings. It’s also about establishing a firmware baseline for the environment and making sure that all the systems have the right firmware version when they’re deployed from bare metal.


OS agnostic

Another great thing customers tell me about HP OneView is that you don’t have to install agents on the system. HP OneView simply talks to the iLO the Virtual Connect modules and the Onboard Administrator, to get all the required inventory and health information from the system, so it’s completely OS agnostic. There are no agents to install or maintain on the system which means less overhead for maintaining a health management environment.


With the template-based approach of HP OneView, the transportation company is able to spend less time configuring and deploying hardware and more time coming up with innovative solutions.  In the words of the principal architect, “HP OneView allows us to bring the operation and stability of our company to a new level.”


To save time and money in your data center, experience HP OneView and see a demo   Or download HP OneView software free for 60 days.



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