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HP is Converging, IBM is Diverging

celialawren on ‎03-03-2014 12:10 PM

Written by Tom Joyce,SeniorVice President & General Manager, HP ConvergedSystem


IBM is OUT…of the x86 server business, that is.


Where does this leave you? How does IBM’s exit from a critical market affect your plans, your strategy and your ability to move forward?  If you are an IBM customer, you have reached a fork in the road and now you have a very important choice to make. 


IBM's change in strategy and exit from the x86 server market come at a transformative time in the industry when organizations like yours are fundamentally changing the way they invest in infrastructure.  In a recent article, Worldwide Converged Systems 2012–2016 Forecast: Adoption Fueled by Faster Time-to-Market Demands, IDC estimated that Converged Infrastructure spending will rise from $4Billion in 2014 to over $17Billion in 2016. And, according to ESG, 64% of IT organizations prefer to procure integrated computing platforms, such as Reference Architectures and pre-configured solutions (ESG Research Report, 2013 IT Spending Intentions Survey, January 2013). This means that more and more customers like you are relying on a vendor to deliver a simplified and integrated approach to IT infrastructure that will free you from the task of architecting and refining IT solutions yourself. 


How does this relate to IBM?


Issue #1:

IBM sold its x86 business to Lenovo so customers will now need to turn to multiple vendors forsupport.

The Solution: Single Vendor System

With HP ConvergedSystem, customers can deploy a single vendor solution for all system components, services and support, with no hidden costs. It is a pre-integrated, tested system that comes with installation and support services and are incredibly easy to deploy and administer, delivering faster-time-to- value and lower TCO in as little as 20 days. In addition, we are investing in the x86 ecosystem and support all of your workloads with a long-term roadmap built on solid investments in R&D to keep your business ahead of the next change.


Issue #2:

IBM uses a lock-in strategy. GPFS is the only file-based offering in the market; once your data goes onto GPFS, migration to a SAN-based approach is expensive and complex. Also, customers want a solution that can be hosted, deployed on premise, or in a cloud. IBM and Lenovo struggle with business models that offer customers these choices.

The Solution: Flexibility

HP offers customers the flexibility to grow with systems that are highly scalable, modular and open, with options for delivering on-premise, hosted or cloud solutions. 


Issue #3:

How credible are IBM’s roadmaps for enterprise solutions like SAP HANA when they no longer control the infrastructure, and Lenovo doesn’t have the enterprise storage and high-end systems experience customers require for a scalable, workload optimized landscape.

The Solution: Company with committed, workload optimized roadmaps    

The HP ConvergedSystem portfolio is strategic to HP and therefore HP is a safe investment for the long term. 



As you consider your next move, HP is here to help answer your questions and address your concerns.  I would strongly encourage you to reach out to your HP sales representative or to me directly.  I would be happy to discuss all of your questions and concerns with you.  When you’re ready to make your choice, we would like to meet with you in person, to show what we are willing to do to win your business and most importantly your trust.  



For more information about HP’s solution, please visit



Best regards,


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