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HP’s Industry’s leading servers (HP ProLiant Gen8) just got faster, smarter & more efficient!

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                                                                                         HP ProLiant Gen8 family


We’re seeing another shift in the IT industry…it was not that long ago that our access to information was primarily through desktop and laptop computing and access to Cloud-based solutions were somewhat limited.  Mega Trends such as Cloud Computing, Social Media, Big Data, and Mobility require enormous growth of server infrastructure in space, energy and performance. And we now utilize many new types of connected client devices and use them to do amazing things…40 thousand tweets , 158 thousand mobile apps  downloaded and more every 60 seconds.


Over the next 5-7 years, this insatiable need for information coupled with a continued explosion of connected devices (including Tablets, Smartphones, cars, as well as sensors of all types) means we need huge increases in Data Center capacity and server performance.  The Mega Trends coupled with the challenge of ever increasing application availability and new service deployment were the catalysts for HP to take a fresh look at Server Technology and introduce the world’s most intelligent servers.

An intelligent, highly scalable, efficient infrastructure is required to meet the challenges in the new style of IT. And once again HP is leading the way to meet these demands.  HP ProLiant servers, the world’s most intelligent servers, just got faster, smarter and more efficient so your business can embrace this technology shift. The next wave of ProLiant Gen8 innovations are designed to deliver the intelligence necessary to optimize your data center and accelerate performance to support a wide range of complex IT demands from Cloud-based applications to Social Media, Big Data, and Mobility in a virtualized environment. With an intelligent and efficient data center based on the leading HP Converged Infrastructure strategy, you can build a strong foundation for your business and protect your infrastructure investments.  These customer-inspired innovations deliver real business results with a 5 month ROI, helping you transform your data center to better compete and grow your business today, while being ready for what’s next. 


HP is announcing that their premier HP ProLiant 2P platforms (ProLiant DL360p, DL380p, ML350p, BL460c, SL230, SL250, SL270, SL2500) will support the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 Product Family providing increased performance. This performance leadership was all validated as HP ProLiant platforms obtained the #1 result across 2P, 4P and 8P platforms with VMmark benchmarks.   Over the next several months, HP will continue to refresh the rest of the ProLiant family of servers as Intel continues to refresh their E5 and E7 processor families.

HP ProLiant family of servers can provide your business with competitive advantages with these unique and differentiating features:

  • Scale your infrastructure with the #1 servers in the world for virtualization.  HP ProLiant Servers are built to optimally handle the full range of workloads from cloud based applications to big data analytics and are now 35% faster in performance. And to extend this new performance capability to the rest of the data center, we are also introducing
    •  HP 6125XLG, the industry’s first blade switch unifying the management of both physical and virtual networks with VEPA support and 40GbE uplinks to the data center network.
    • And 2X I/O storage bandwidth[i]improvement with the launch of the Brocade 16Gb SAN Switch for HPs
    • Up to 9x better SSD performance[ii] with solid state optimization in HP Smart Array with integrated PCIe 3.0[iii] storage technology to remove bottlenecks


  • Automate your data center with world’s most intelligent servers. HP’s new management features and tools minimize manual processes while maximizing uptime, and includes:
    • A 66% faster problem resolution with HP Insight Online offering new capabilities for monitoring 5x more or up to 2500 devices per host[iv] now available for larger customers; and time saving at-a-glance case status and remote connection alert[v].
    • A 5x faster problem analysis withproactive monitoring through HP Active Health to continuously analyzes thousands of system parameters without impacting performance[vi] .
  • In addition:
    • Automatically queue and deploycustomizable, pre-tested, consolidated firmware and driver updates across 1000’s of servers with HP SUM[vii]
    • HP Virtual Connect 4.10 firmware offers support for IPv6 management, SR-IOV and Auto Deployment for POD environments. 
    • Data Protection is 1000x safer  than 2-drive mirroring or 3-drive RAID 5 with the  HP exclusive RAID 10 Advanced Data Mirroring  3-drive mirror; now standard in SmartArray base offerings


  • Achieve a 5 month ROIwith industry leading server efficiency innovations.
    • Reclaim up to 36% of power costs[1]with HP BladeSystem and industry’s first Power and Location Discovery Services across the data center
    • 3x faster administrative updates[viii] with 93% less downtime during online updates[ix]  through industry-leading maintenance tools with HP SUM
    • Only HP SmartMemory with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 Product Family reduces power up to 33%[x]when compared to other memory.


Invest in your future today and start to realize the cost savings in your new style of IT in a few short months.Partner with HP and leverage a consistent track record of redefining data center experience and economics to meet the next wave of computing requirements. HP is the only company who has IP across all three of the technology areas (servers, storage, and networking) needed to address the challenges and provide a strong foundation for your business.  Join HP, the leader, in implementing and defining the next generation computing platforms.

Get your questions answered regarding this announcement by reading this FAQ Sheet.

Go here to get additional information on HP ProLiant Servers.

Click on Converged Infrastructure to get more info on the new style of IT.

And go here for details on the ultimate Converged Infrastructure, HP BladeSystem


[i]  HP internal testing, compares PCIe Gen 3 versus PCIe Gen 2.


[ii] HP internal testing:  New Smart Array controllers (Gen8) compared to the current generation Smart Array controllers (G7) with in a RAID 6 configuration with SSDs.  Performance varies depending on server configuration.


[iii] August 2012.  HP first in market with 4-socket servers with PCIe 3.0 storage.


[iv] September 2013. HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.8 now supports 2500 device vs. previous version of 500 devices.


[v] September 2013. HP Insight Online with enhanced dashboard with support case feature area and notification of device monitoring or collection problems.


[vi]   Internal analysis Gen8 with Active Health monitors the server and logs all the telemetry information. By downloading the file, HP TS can help them resolve the issues 5x faster.

[vii]Scales to 1000s of servers when HP SUM is used in conjunction with HP Systems Insight Manager. 



[viii] Based on internal testing with a fully online firmware and system software update with HP SUM 5.0 vs. HP SUM 4.2


[ix] Based on internal testing with a fully online firmware and system software update with HP SUM 5.0 vs. HP SUM 4.2


[x]   HP chooses the best DRAM die in the industry for 24GB memory., Non HP memory: 16GB in 24Slots @4W /slot with memory working at 1.5v = 96W.HP Smart Memory to achieve 384GB we use 24GB at 1.35 v which gives 15W saving + 8 watts of saving from 8 less register used = 64 watts. Total % power savings = {(96-64)/96}*100 = 33.4% (up to 33%)


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