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“High Performance” – Are you getting yours from your converged blade data center?

RobertHartman ‎04-23-2014 08:14 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:03 AM

Now, more than ever, IT administrators are under enormous pressure to deliver applications and services which drive and transform the business. With datacenter technology becoming more sophisticated, traditional infrastructures and legacy networks are unable to keep up and satisfy the ever growing demands of business. For businesses deploying blade-based data centers, like the HP BladeSystem, administrators realize the benefits of superior application processing in a compact, scalable solution, but without a network I/O connection to match, all that power and performance does not make the business communicate faster.


Unfortunately, accelerating services and applications often requires a cursory look at the infrastructure to evaluate where performance is being choked. Most often, the first place to look (and blame) is the network for lack of performance, slow application connections and not enough bandwidth. While the investment in your current network was adequate when you bought it (and planned to support business needs for an expected number of years), in reality, application growth, shared bandwidth across applications, storage and networking resources, and other creeping requirements managed to steal the benefits originally expected.


Evaluating those issues can pinpoint the causes down to a couple of key areas: are the applications requiring more bandwidth (to deliver more data across the business) or lower latency (to deliver data faster to users and reduce wait time) or a mix of both. A combination of all three or any can be implied as the detriment to performance.


Depending on the business focus and planned deployment of equipment within the business, latency and bandwidth can be key requirements to drive innovation and improvement to the network. In High-frequency trading industries, lowest latency is required to support global financial transactions for stock markets. For a converged blade data center, low latency network I/O enables faster, quick-turn server-to-enterprise communications.


Bandwidth on the other hand delivers more data per unit of time. In a network environment, while 10Gb Ethernet is standard, 40GbE adoption is occurring more rapidly, delivering 4x more bandwidth to connect server workloads and Virtual Machines to the network core. Again, for a converged blade data center, more network I/O bandwidth delivers more data over time to the other servers and storage arrays.


HP BladeSystem offers a variety of networking I/O choices to support business requirements for low latency, or higher bandwidth or both.


  • Based on the same architecture as the stand-alone Mellanox SX1036, which is one of the industry’s lowest latency rack switches (slide 8), the Mellanox SX1018HP blade switch delivers the industry’s lowest latency blade switch, as well as higher bandwidth 40GbE uplinks
  • The HP 6125XLG Ethernet blade switch is another lower-latency and bandwidth contender, with 40GbE uplinks and ideal for deployments with HP Networking switches using IRF to logically manage the network at the BladeSystem edge
  • At the server-side, businesses readily benefit from the newest HP BladeSystem server adapter, the dual-port HP Ethernet 570M adapter, purpose-built for low latency 10Gb performance server communications

No matter what your application is, be it in the cloud, serving up Web 2.0, or driving financial trading, businesses have a range of choices to power their applications and network infrastructure deployed on HP BladeSystem –based data centers.  The HP interconnect, Virtual Connect and adapters portfolio will continue to expand with low latency and higher bandwidth solutions to deliver the I/O performance needed for business agility and responsiveness. 

If you are not getting the performance you want from your bladed network I/O, consider asking yourself what is getting the performance you should be expecting.


To preview some of the solutions here and discuss further with us, we invite you to come and join us at HP Discover 2014 on June 10-12 in Las Vegas, NV. Now is the perfect time to register for the event and take advantage of great hands-on experience with convergence solutions delivered by HP. Want to see everything that is available to you? Check out the HP Discover Session Catalog today and gain the most out of your experience.  


We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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