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Is your strategic partner committed to YOUR business?

tammie_aron on ‎07-29-2014 10:37 AM

There’s plenty of discussion about the sale of IBM’s x86 server business to Lenovo. There’s also plenty of action. IBM estimates that they’ll lose some 2000 channel partners when the deal goes through[1]. With 85 percent of IBM’s x86 server business going through the channel, many customers are in danger of losing their personal point of contact for value add solutions that they’ve relied upon for so long. That’s one of the reasons why so many previously loyal IBM customers are either looking to transition or have already transitioned to HP.  


But whether you buy through the channel or directly from IBM, it’s not just the fact that IBM is selling its x86
server business to Lenovo. What really matters is that IBM will no longer be a full service technology company. Yes, that’s right. IBM will no longer be a full service company. That means that IBM will have to partner with other hardware suppliers, including Lenovo, to meet their service and outsourcing contracts. And Lenovo? Well, all they have are PCs and servers. And that’s where the disconnect comes in.





For you to innovate, your strategic partner needs to innovate. Your business is changing. The lines between IT and business are blurring. It’s not about technology. It’s about business outcomes. It’s about agility and scalability at a compute level, not at a software, server, storage and network level. That means deploying workload optimized converged infrastructures and software defined data centers (SDN) that are easy to deploy, scale and manage. But if your strategic partner doesn’t own all the pieces, they can’t tie them together. And if they can’t innovate, you’ll always be playing catch-up.


What you need is a strategic partner that is innovating around your needs, one that understands your business and cares about your success.



The same is true when it comes to your support. When everything is up and running, life is great. But what happens when one company is providing the hardware and another the support? The greatest impact will be on time-to-repair, and that costs money. How long can you afford your systems to be down?


What you need is one number to call to a strategic partner that stands behind your end-to-end solution with world-class service, global reach and a proven call-to-repair commitment. And even better is a  partner who is innovating to identify and address problems before they even occur to keep your business up and running 24x365.



You have a vision for your company. You know where you want to go, but you’re not a technology expert. You rely upon your strategic partner to understand your business and help you develop a roadmap that will leverage technology to meet your goals. What is Lenovo’s vision? What is their roadmap? Do they know your business? With their focus on hardware only, can they? Can dependency on 3rd parties to provide value in terms of integration, security and management give you what you need? Or will you be left to cobble together your own solutions?


What you need is a  partner that understands both your vision and your customers’ needs, and has a clear roadmap of innovation upon which you can depend.


I believe that HP has what it takes to be your next strategic partner. But don’t take my word for it. Evaluate your own situation with the help of 5 keys to choosing a strategic partner.  Then make the smart choice.  

HP has the end-to-end strategic capability, commitment to innovation, strength of partners, and stability to drive your IT and business forward.


Visit Project Smart Choice website for a free half-day consulting session for qualifying customers



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