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It’s 2 a.m. Do you know what your systems are doing?

celialawren on ‎07-08-2014 11:31 AM

By Guest blogger Gary Stevens, HP Converged Systems



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I have a small cottage in the country that I visit occasionally and our next door neighbor owns donkeys. Four donkeys to be exact. They live out back roaming his property, clearing and fertilizing the field as any good grazer should. There’s something about the size of these animals and their general friendliness that draws them to you. They are quite docile and also quite curious. So, to abate the curiosity and keep the donkeys where the donkeys belong, my neighbor put up an electric fence. That was two years ago and, over this time, we have enjoyed a friendly relationship, which all neighbors should enjoy.


Around two months ago, my gardener noticed some ‘complimentary’ fertilizer samples on my side of the fence that could only be explained by donkeys. “How could this be?” thought the gardener, “We have the electric fence!” To ensure the fence was indeed doing its job, my gardener touched the top fence wire and was quickly reminded why animals tend to stay on their side of electric fences. Still, the fact remained that the fertilizer samples couldn’t get over the fence by themselves. So the quest began for understanding and then correcting the unexplainable.


In many ways, understanding and managing the behavior of systems deployed in your datacenter can be like managing large animals, only without the ‘samples’ left on the datacenter floor. In a perfect world, you should have the ability to track and manage what happens in your datacenter, not only during the day or at night, but also monitor over the full lifecycle of your systems. The HP ConvergedSystem portfolio of optimized, application-specific systems provides you with just that capability.


Several years ago, I heard of a financial institution that had recently deployed some new systems at their local branch office. The systems were designed to run 24x7 with no downtime. After a couple of weeks the customer called up indicating that for the last few days, every morning when they arrived at work, the systems were powered down. They would power them back up and the following day, they would arrive to find the machines powered down again. After repeated site visits and replaced hardware, it was finally discovered that the week the problems began, a new bakery had opened on the same block. Every morning at 2 a.m., the baker would power up his electric ovens and the momentary drop in power would shut down the new systems. It is fortunate that since then, bakeries have advanced to using gas ovens, and computer vendors have advanced to using more active monitoring tools.


When customers choose from HP’s comprehensive selection of service and support offerings, including Personalized Care and Insight Remote Support (IRS), they can be assured of knowing what their systems are doing all the time. More importantly, if the customer desires, HP can monitor this activity remotely and proactively engage before the customer even knows there’s a problem.


The HP ConvergedSystem portfolio and its associated service offerings help you control and proactively manage application and service workloads regardless of the size or solution needs. Because HP ConvergedSystem offerings also have “solution level” or “single point of contact” support for all requests, you can be confident that there will be no delays orchestrating support across multiple companies.


Which phone call would you prefer to get first thing in the morning - the call from your LOB team telling you that their applications on your systems are running slowly and causing business heartburn? Or the call from HP letting you know the HP ConvergedSystem ‘phoned home’ last night and the service technician will be coming around shortly to tend to its needs?


Throughout the lifecycle of an HP ConvergedSystem, HP provides one-stop support to manage software and firmware updates as well as periodic maintenance that can dramatically increase the efficiency of your IT team. And when the time comes to grow the system to match growing business requirements, it’s comforting to know that HP designed these systems to easily and quickly grow to accommodate expanded requirements. You can be confident that you will always have the right sized offering for your workloads.


HP ConvergedSystem offerings are designed to provide you with the right solution and service from the very beginning and to adapt to your changing needs as we grow your business together. Solution level and Proactive support, phone home capability and personalized care are just a few of the many benefits that HP can provide your business, whether you are in startup mode or well established in your industry. Now if only I could attach a “phone home” capability to my neighbor’s donkeys, we might eventually get to the bottom of the “Donkey Dilemma”.



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