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No paparazzi. No evening gowns. No swim suits. Just a lot of talent.

johncummings on ‎07-28-2014 03:56 PM

by Hans-Ulrich Schaller, HP Global SAP Partner Business Manager


It sometimes seems that the world is filled with awards and awards ceremonies. And acceptance speeches, and hearty congratulations, and trophies, and photos, and related press releases and news articles. It’s enough to make you wonder how many of these awards recognize true talent and accomplishment, and how many others are primarily for show.


To an outsider, it may seem that the various awards that technology companies give to each other fit the latter rather than the former category. So I’d like to set the record straight and give you a few reasons why these awards and the companies who win them matter.


Why awards in the first place?

Technology companies partner with other technology companies to reach more people and sell more solutions. It’s as simple as that. It is important for companies to identify the partners who do an outstanding job developing, refining, marketing, and selling their joint solutions and recognize them accordingly. The awards provide a model for other partners to follow to achieve a similar level of excellence. And they serve as a clear guidepost for customers who are looking to implement one of the partnership’s solutions with confidence. What it all comes down to is that winners are highly qualified, have performed exceptionally well, and typically deserve the awards they receive.


What does it all mean?

This year, HP won two SAP Pinnacle awards:

1. Platform Co-Innovation Partner of the Year

2. Rapid-Deployment Partner of the Year


These are just the latest in the 25-year history of the HP – SAP alliance. So what do these mean to you?


The Platform Co-Innovation Partner of the Year award recognizes that HP has demonstrated proactive, innovative technology adoption and expansion, as well as collaboration with SAP to help customers orchestrate their technology stack. In other words, you can be sure of getting the latest and best in terms of advanced, innovative solutions when you purchase an HP – SAP joint solution.


The Rapid-Deployment Partner of the Year award means that HP has achieved excellence in its use of the SAP rapid-deployment solutions. That means our joint solutions are deployed quickly, allowing you to enjoy faster time to value and return on investment.


In general, the many awards that HP has received from SAP let you purchase our joint solutions with confidence, knowing they are:


• Proven – HP brings decades of experience with SAP solutions, technology leadership, and depth of industry experience to help solve the toughest challenges. What’s more, years of co-development and testing mean that the HP and SAP components work together synergistically to deliver the best possible performance.


• Business-centric – Whatever your business needs, HP and SAP join together to deliver an outstanding and advanced solution that leverages the well-established business experience and expertise of both companies.


• Innovative – To maximize the benefits you receive, HP and SAP align their innovative solution roadmaps and together deliver continuous innovation by sharing ideas and approaches in dedicated competency centers.


Substance over show

The most visible aspect of these awards is usually the show: the ceremonies, the publicity, the trophies. But the most meaningful is the impact they can have on your operations every day by bringing you the best solutions to address the challenges you face and achieve the goals you have set.


Learn more about the HP & SAP Alliance and how HP can help you transform your business with the largest SAP-certified solution for SAP HANA.


You can read more about SAP's recognition of HP in the SAP Pinnacle Awards here.


- Hans-Ulrich Schaller

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