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Observations on Soccer Strategy and Having a Backup Plan

celialawren on ‎07-25-2014 06:00 AM

By Guest blogger Don Wilson, Manager, HP Converged Systems


I’m at best a casual soccer fan, but I did watch quite a few of the games in the World Cup, including a number which did not involve the US team and have two observations. One, soccer players can at times be rather dramatic in their “flopping”, and two, soccer fans are rather dramatic in their passion for the game. I know losing is tough, but you don’t generally see MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL fans crying in droves at any major sporting event when their team loses – even when it’s a really big game. Sorry if that sounds insensitive, but no crying, please. Your team lost, get over it.


I also find it interesting that in so many of these games, it’s almost the norm to get to the end of the game without a score by either team, in which case they have to go into overtime. Sometimes even that fails to produce a score, in which case you resort to penalty kicks to break the tie. I’m no soccer strategist, but I’d assume that any soccer coach worth his salt goes into these games with multiple backup plans. If you get near the end of the game with no goals, do you pull out all the stops to score in the last few minutes? Do you pull some player off the bench to mix things up in the final minutes? Do you change your strategy in overtime?


Backup plans are equally important in IT. Everyone knows that Virtualization of the data center has greatly improved efficiency via consolidation. New factory integrated systems are now designed from the ground up to support virtualized workloads, offering even greater simplicity, faster deployment, unified support and easier lifecycle management. The result is that more mission critical workloads are being deployed on integrated systems. However, this has exposed a potential Achilles heel to virtualization – backup and recovery (BUR).


The proliferation of virtual machines has created a massive increase in the amount of backup storage required, and in many deployments, a BUR plan (if there is one) is created with little forethought or planning, resulting in inefficiencies and a failure to meet required SLA’s for business continuity.  


It’s not to say there is one answer for every environment. Applications are different – some have greater need for uptime guarantees, recovery time and recovery point objectives than others. This diversity in requirements points to the need for a tiered recovery mechanism. In response, HP and Veeam have teamed up to provide an effective BUR for the HP ConvergedSystem 300 along with the HP StoreOnce product. This solution leverages the benefit of image level backups, which improve backup performance while shortening recovery time and eliminating issues that have historically made BUR times so slow.


Combining Veeam backup technology with the efficiencies delivered through an HP ConvergedSystem delivers an improved BUR strategy with a primary focus on customers. With HP ConvergedSystem and Veeam, you can complete fast, automated recovery of virtual machines, guest OS files and business critical applications from HP Storage Snapshots. Working with the HP ConvergedSystem, HP StoreOnce offers faster recovery and low bandwidth replication to reduce network traffic. Combining Veeam with the deduplication efficiency of HP StoreOnce backup creates a high efficiency deduplication solution that effectively increases the backup capacity of a system, allowing for much more efficient use of storage and more efficient use of virtual machines.


So it’s clear, be it playing soccer as a sport or providing needed IT services to the business, having a backup plan is an essential part of reaching a successful destination. Fortunately, soccer theatrics are not part of IT and IT managers are not allowed to cry (at least not in front of their fans).




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