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Radical standardization across the data center simplifies IT

celialawren on ‎04-09-2014 10:01 AM

By Guest blogger Brent Allen, HP Converged Systems Product Marketing


When HP looked at the complex IT processes our customers use to deal with technology and vendors (like us), we decided there had to be a better way. DIY solutions are flexible, and with enough time and resources, can be proven and reliable.  But they are also costly and difficult to manage and support over time. Appliances, on the other hand, are easy to order and deploy, but are inflexible, yield little or no savings, and still involve multiple vendors. With the initiation of the HP Sharks Project, i.e., the development of the HP ConvergedSystem, we took a fresh approach to reduce infrastructure complexity. We chose the path of ‘radical standardization’– a path that would help our customers simplify their processes and allow them to address today’s big technology drivers: around Cloud, Big Data, Virtualization and Mobility.


We discovered that the game-changing advantages in complex solutions lie not only in technology, but in all aspects of the customer experience – everything from ease of purchase and deployment, simplified management, to the overall service experience over time. If these systems were designed successfully, these advantages lead to increased savings in time, cost, and agility, as well as a reduction in human errors.  What if we applied system-level thinking across the entire IT value chain and built on a foundation of core capabilities to deliver a total systems experience? And what if we applied ‘Shark’ behavior – speed, efficiency, agility, performance - to everything in the value chain? Well, this is essentially what we did in establishing the HP Sharks Project, beginning with the core building blocks that serve as the foundation to these systems.


What if you could build everything necessary for an ecosystem into a bounded infrastructure?


That was the question we asked ourselves in June of 2013, when we formed the new HP Converged Systems business unit. If we built a set of common “core platforms” for optimized workloads and use cases built in, we could offer customers a completely standardized system experience that could be deployed, managed and supported in a consistent manner.


A “core platform” is a converged infrastructure block that is based on a serialized parent SKU and includes a defined set of optional sub components that are rule bound. Based on a common methodology, these “core platforms” are designed to provide HP with value-chain efficiencies that can quickly scale, increase quality, and reduce the cost associated with the inherently complex product lifecycle. Specific target efficiencies include build, support and service processes. These “core platforms” all have a common design that enables them to be utilized across the use cases and optimized for selected workloads.  


Using core platforms creates efficiency by design. The application specific workload sits on top of the foundational core building blocks. This means that the infrastructure is not localized to a given set of apps that can lead to siloes, but provides the foundation so you can run any application on top and build it out consistently across the data center. Each core platform offers solution-level experience that is delivered pre-built as a single product and provides systems-level standard cadence roadmaps for workloads and use cases. The HP ConvergedSystem helps you achieve a balanced environment across your data center and simplifies IT processes.  


Check out this recently recorded session I did with SDR News Andy McCaskey, explaining this concept in more detail.


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I look forward to hearing from you!




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