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Reengineering Our Customers’ Total Experience

celialawren on ‎01-22-2014 02:06 PM

By Tom Joyce, SVP and GM, HP Converged Systems


If you’ve been following the industry conversations since HP’s premier Discover Barcelona event in December, you know that HP launched a new portfolio of HP ConvergedSystem products at the event.  These products are the industry’s first integrated systems engineered from the ground up for the new style of IT. We developed the portfolio because  our customers and our channel partners kept saying “make it simpler”, “need more integration” and “move faster.” Both customers and channel partners desire more simplicity, more efficiency and a faster moving business model. They need to get out of the technology integration business so they can deploy applications faster and accelerate time to value. In the last 6 months, since we announced the formation of the new HP Converged Systems business unit, we’ve had a singular focus on engineering in 3 main areas: systems, software and operations to get to that desired state of ‘simple, efficient and fast.’


Systems engineering

We formed a systems integration engineering team within the new business unit whose task was to take the best of breed in HP Server and Blade technology, 3PAR and other storage technology, and the connectivity products provided c04030239.pngby HP Networking and deliver those as an integrated solution and package. The team asked themselves, “For a given workload of VMs, for example, what is the infrastructure required and how can we optimize that to deliver maximum performance capability for the cost associated with it?” The result is a big jump in performance from these ConvergedSystem products at lower cost. The new HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization, for example, has 2x performance improvement over VCE VBlock 100 DX-3P at 25% lower cost. The HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization provides high performance for large and demanding data centers and has 3x IT efficiency at 28% lower TCO. So there’s significant cost savings to be had from all the pre-integration work we do. Pre-integration and testing also result in higher reliability, critical for both customers and channel partners, and again, figure in to a better profitability model for business.


Software engineering

We looked at infrastructure management with the same fresh approach. Wouldn’t it be better for our customers if the focus shifted from ‘how devices run’ to ‘how people work’? Let’s make it simpler for our customers and give them an intuitive tool that manages at the system level instead of at a component level. That tool is HP OneView. Today OneView stands out in its server and rack mount Virtual Connect integration capabilities. But in a not too distant future, you’ll see storage and network integrated into that. So from a single management view, you have the ability to not only manage the entire environment but also easily simplify the configuration. We plan to offer OneView on all our ConvergedSystem products shortly, which will greatly simplify our customer’s user experience in the datacenter.


Operations engineering

Perhaps the biggest reengineering challenge - and the biggest change - has come in the operations area – something Meg Whitman has spent a great amount of time on. Within the new business unit, our mantra has been to deliver integrated optimized systems that are easy to buy, manage and support. It now takes 5 minutes to order a ConvergedSystem product with 1 SKU and 20 minutes to configure and quote it. From order to installation is now in as little as 20 days, down from 45-to 60 days under the old process – a significant improvement over what our competitor can provide.  Cutting purchase-to-installation time in half means customer working hours are freed up and can be redirected to add value to their business. We also have simplified support accountability down to one person. It can’t get much simpler than that.


CI_pressconf_marq.jpgI encourage you to watch the videos coming out of HP Discover Barcelona. Take a product tour of the HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization and the ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization, read the HP OneView ebook or the Forrester thought leadership paper on Big Data.  Start on our HP Converged Systems web page where you’ll find information on the entire ConvergedSystem portfolio. The new HP ConvergedSystem products are integrated systems workload optimized for Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data – solving the big issues our customers deal with today. Find out for yourself how easy they are to buy, manage and support.



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