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The Powerful Integration of HP OneView and VMware vCenter Operations Manager

celialawren on ‎06-19-2014 11:00 AM

By Guest blogger Ken Spear, Product Marketing, HP Converged Systems


HP and VMware Delivering Real-World Benefits


HP and VMware have teamed up to make the vision of the software-defined data center a reality. We’ve been working with VMware to develop HP OneView for VMware vCenter, so we can deliver a whole range of new benefits to customers. In HP and VMware Delivering the Benefits of the Software-Defined Data Center

posted last week, we explained at a higher level how HP OneView and VMware vCenter Operations Manager work together to deliver a much higher level of software-defined infrastructure management than has been available in the past. In this blog we’d like to provide some concrete examples.


OV and Operations Manager - graphic 1.pngAs we described in the prior blog, HP OneView for VMware vCenter seamlessly integrates the manageability features of HP ProLiant, BladeSystem, Virtual Connect, 3PAR Storage and ConvergedSystem products with VMware solutions, so you gain deep control of a virtualized HP Converged Infrastructure environment. HP OneView features an automation hub that consists of a REST API combined with a state change message bus. HP OneView publishes information about changes to the environment. VMware vCenter Operations Manager is a consumer of the messages from OneView that provides health, inventory, and configuration monitoring. You can combine physical and virtual views of your virtualized infrastructure, within the VMware vCenter. An alert is generated when certain conditions are exceeded, and it appears on the vCenter Ops Manager console.


The Benefits for Troubleshooting Problems


operations manager dashboard.jpg

Let’s say vCenter Operations Manager dashboard alerts you that there’s a problem in the infrastructure managed by HP OneView. You are responsible for resolving the problem, so you start the process of troubleshooting it. The detailed configurations and status gathered from HP OneView is fed into vCenter Operations Manager. You can pull up the information from HP OneView in the vSphere Web Client, so you can see the mapping of the physical and virtual storage and server resources with all the relationships. This includes the virtual machines, virtual disk, storage pools, arrays, etc.You can view the configuration of your arrays portfolio by diving into detailed tables that provides the relationship between volumes to LUN connections to your virtual machines or ESX server hosts. It’s easy to identify the associations between each of the infrastructure components, so you can quickly isolate the problem.


VM mapping- graphic 3.pngThe vCenter Infrastructure Navigator component of vCOPS maps the dependencies between the applications and supporting infrastructure, so it helps you rapidly isolate the problem. You can know the root cause of the problem for certain, because HP OneView provides a closed loop trusted data source that feeds into a common VMware console.


Once you have isolated the problem, you can use HP OneView and vCenter Operations Manager to resolve it quickly. To fix this bottleneck required provisioning more server resource. HP OneView for VMware vCenter can assist in provisioning your HP servers and/or HP storage. You can add new datastores, delete or expand an existing datastore, create new VMs from a template, or clone existing VMs. When used with HP OneView, the process for provisioning server and storage is fully automated from a simple 5 step wizard. If you need to provision more storage, HP OneView 3PAR defined shared storage and/or boot from SAN can now be leveraged when creating or growing clusters using the HP OneView optimized and automated workflow.


Proactive Monitoring and Management


I provided an example of reactive operations management. Now let’s look at how you can move to a more software defined data center with pro-active monitoring and management. With HP OneView you have the unique opportunity to use new VMware vCenter Operations Manager integration with Standard edition -- without having to upgrade to the Advanced edition. (You can see a comparison of the functionality in the different editions here.) This means you can get the right to use HP’s integration in the Standard edition without having to pay for the Advanced edition of the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. The new integrations for VMware vCenter Operations Manager and Log Insight allow deeper analytics and troubleshooting, these are licensed with HP OneView Servers or HP Storage only. This is only offered by HP, and there is a significant cost savings.


The VMware trend analysis engine can surface up issues and quick resolution of problems can be achieved with dashboards. They allow you to see the impacted resources and conduct root cause analysis. With HP OneView for VMware vCenter, you can automate actions on alerts. This allows you to receive pre-failure and failure alerts on HP server components and automate evacuation of VMs based on events that affect your physical systems.  The templates are provided and are ready to be configured in HP OneView.


graphic 4.pngThe vCenter Operations Enterprise’s Smart Alerts provide early warnings when a critical application or business service is experiencing – in aggregate – many more abnormally behaving metrics than is typically experienced. VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise is capable of learning the typical ‘noise’ level of an application. When it detects significant abnormal behavior exceeding the expected ‘noise’ level it generates a Smart Alert, so you can be notified proactively of the potential for a problem before it occurs. VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise offers on-demand analytics to gain insight into relationships and long-term trends that can be used to optimize the performance of your enterprise. (For more details download the technical white paper, “VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise: Automated Operations Management for Your Enterprise” from VMware.)


This is a summary of just some of the benefits of this powerful integration between HP OneView and VMware vCenter Operations Manager. Our strategic partnership with VMware is dedicated to delivering greater customer value and helping you achieve your vision of IT as a Service and the SDDC.


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