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Tips to manage your converged infrastructure with confidence

tammie_aron on ‎11-06-2013 10:07 AM

Guest blog by Bryan Jacquot, Chief Technologist, HP Converged Systems



As an administrator, your job is to make sure your IT systems are always available.  If you rely on traditional infrastructure management tools, you’re well aware that you are often just one configuration change away from taking down a major portion of your infrastructure.  I had one administrator tell me that deploying certain configuration changes, “Makes me want to cry.”


A majority of outages that impact mission-critical services are caused by human error and process issues.   Additionally, a large percentage are caused by configuration changes.   That’s no surprise, given the historic limitations of management software.  The constraints of traditional tools require you to rely on external spreadsheets, diagrams, or your own memory to keep track of which resources are in use.  That’s why HP OneView is such a leap forward over other infrastructure management tools.  HP OneView lets you manage your infrastructure at the push of a button—with confidence.


As an example, traditional tools allow you to retire a resource, such as a networking VLAN, but to make sure you’re not accidentally taking down a substantial part of your data center, you need to manually perform hundreds of validation checks.  This process is highly repetitive—and boring work.  And with each step, you raise the likelihood of introducing manual, human error that can lead to a catastrophic oversight or mistake.  Indeed, you’re given a confirmation dialog, but it says something to the effect of, “Are you sure?”  You often get no indication as to the gravity of the change you’re about to make.  I often joke that such confirmation dialogs should be enhanced to say, “Are you sure and is your resume up to date?”


All kidding aside, I believe there’s a better way and HP is delivering it.  HP OneView provides a better way to handle configuration changes.  Rather than requiring you to investigate each resource, the software does the due diligence for you.  Configuration changes that formerly took days or weeks of analysis can now be carried out in minutes, giving you the confidence you expect from an enterprise management solution. 


HP OneView’s Map View provides  real-time, graphical representations of the relationships between resources in your environment.  This includes the physical and logical resources.  As you can see in the Map View example below, “prod vm1” network is used by the “Prod Networks” network set which is in use by 191 server profiles.  Any change made to these resources should be carefully considered and planned.  Manage with confidence.







As useful as the Map View is, HP OneView goes a step further.  Let’s say you need to edit a network to increase its bandwidth settings.  With HP OneView, you simply search for it using the HP OneView Smart Search feature, entering your request just as you would in a consumer search program.  From there, you chose to edit the network.  Since HP OneView understands the relationships between resources, it makes you, the administrator, directly aware of the ramifications of making a change.  In the example below, when you proceed with the change to the network’s bandwidth settings, you know there are 191 server profiles that are affected by this change.  Manage with confidence.






Returning to the first example, let’s say you need to retire a VLAN.  HP Smart Search finds the desired network rapidly, and then you chose to delete the network.  HP OneView warns you that the network is in use, and provides direct access to those profiles that will be affected.  Manage with confidence.





HP OneView not only provides you with the information you need to manage with confidence in the innovative Map View, it also puts the important information directly in front of you to ensure the change you are making has the expected outcome.  If you’d like to see more of this in action, I invite you to watch this HP OneView video to see for yourself how safely and efficiently HP OneView enables network configuration changes compared to the competition.


At HP we understand you take every step possible to keep your data center running efficiently.  We know you make every change with caution and preparedness to eliminate outages.  That’s why we’ve put these very simple, yet incredibly powerful capabilities into HP OneView; empowering you to manage with confidence.  Get started today.  Download HP OneView software free for 60 days.




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