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Whitman: HP Will Cash In on Dell and IBM ‘Instability'

Chris Purcell on ‎04-03-2014 08:30 AM

Written by Paul Miller, Vice President of WW Marketing, HP Converged Systems


There was an interesting article featuring HP's Meg Whitman speaking at the recent industry analyst conference in Boston, about the news of IBM’s exiting the x86 business and sale to Lenovo, along with Dell’s excruciating journey to privatization. “We think there is a real near-term opportunity for HP to actually gain share among some of our competitors who appear to be a little less stable than we do right now,” Meg said. “I [have] to say we look like the paragon of stability in the industry right now, and so we’d aim to capitalize on that.” HP CEO sees opportunity in rivals’ ‘instability’3/4, 2014 By Robert Dutt


There was also news in the press of creeping panic in Lenovo’s ranks as a memo to employees was leaked to PCWorld that sounded worried and hurried. In the article written by PCworld’s Agam Shah on 3/18, “Lenovo will send a memo to its server sales team on Tuesday, urging them to ignore the “uncertainty and doubt” its rivals are sowing over its acquisition of IBM’s server division.” Shah goes onto say that “Lenovo announced in January that it will buy IBM’s x86 server business for US$2.3 billion. The acquisition is not yet complete, but when it is, Lenovo says it will try to replicate the success it had integrating IBM’s PC division.”


Okay you could argue that Lenovo bought the declining IBM PC business in 2005 and is now the world’s largest PC maker. But can you really compare the two types of businesses? I think not…


Here’s why. I fundamentally believe that the servers that run your datacenters, surrounded with enterprise and technology services is a very different business to the commodity PC business that you buy for your home.

  • Businesses are looking for an IT partner who can help them gain speed and lower cost through the new style of IT with on premise and hosted cloud.
  • Competing in the PC business is all about the hardware and the datacenter is all about the applications and workloads. (This is clearly illustrated in the market with customers adopting a convergence strategy.) To succeed in today’s datacenter, companies need a converged server storage and networking environment, with converged management all delivered through expert services.  
  • The game of driving cost out of the server supply chain was the focus in the 1990s – this is now considered table stakes.  What customers now demand is all around innovation, which goes to satisfy their insatiable appetite for faster time to value.


WE’RE READY.  Years ago, HP saw big changes coming to the industry and we made a choice to invest in the modern architectures, application expertise and new delivery models built for a new style of IT. Most of all, we made a choice to invest in the total customer experience. We know some of the complexity you have is the result of managing your vendors’ processes and products. That's why we’ve completely reimagined how to help customers manage, deliver and finance IT operations from the ground up.


WE’RE STABLE. HP knew that the world was shifting from a server-centered past to a workload-optimized future. That's why HP was first to commit to emerging trends like Converged Infrastructure within the datacenter, hybrid cloud computing and software-defined technology, just to name a few.  Today, our server, storage and network architectures, coupled with our new Converged Systems are the industry’s most modern, from top to bottom, ready for the demanding workloads of tomorrow. And of course, you'll still see the same commitment to quality, service and predictable roadmaps you expect from HP but combined with a bold vision and solid investment in R&D to keep your business ahead of the next change. 


WE’RE HERE. As you consider your next moves, we’re here to answer your most pressing questions and address your business concerns. We have well-established networks of service professionals, strategic partners and channel partners to help you. We’re also very committed to your success, to deliver business value and to help you solve your toughest IT and business problems.  Uptime, security, scalability are all requirements that aren’t going away. 


I would strongly encourage you to reach out to your HP sales representative or to me directly.  I would be happy to discuss all of your questions and concerns with you and show what we are willing to do to win your business and most importantly your trust. We understand your future business needs require the commitment of a strategic partner, one with the know-how in applications, infrastructure and support services combined with decades of insight into your industry.


When you’re ready to make your choice, HP is here, ready to help you.

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