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Will the real converged systems please stand up?

celialawren on ‎05-20-2014 07:25 PM

Will the real Converged System pls stand up.pptx


VCE continues to promote the VCE Vblock System as the only ‘true’ converged systems. The ad on the right is included in a recent Cisco welcome kit. VCE is still pushing out a competitive survey done 2 years ago prior to the release of the first HP ConvergedSystem (aka Sharks) in December 2013, comparing VCE Vblock Systems with HP Converged Infrastructure. VCE's marketing is behind the times or perhaps they don’t want to admit to the real truth: HP Sharks are truly formidable.

Now that the HP Sharks are in the water, touting Vblock Systems as the only ‘true’ converged systems is rather silly.  HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is the fastest way to virtualize. They build on a foundation of capabilities to deliver a total systems experience, a truly exceptional converged system approach for our customers:

  • Shortening the procurement lifecycle with a set of core platforms that are easy to configure, quote, order, and deploy – you can go from order to operations in as little as 20 days.
  • Simplifying management with management at the SYSTEMS-level, not the component level.
  • Speeding problem resolution with system level support so customers truly have ONE throat to choke, for both pro-active and reactive care. 

HP created the term/category of convergence 5+ years ago to address this “new Style of IT”, a flexible, agile foundation for virtualization, Big Data and cloud. HP has continued to push the envelope with innovations that have transformed every single market in the data center. HP ConvergedSystem is built on the market-leading HP Converged Infrastructure platform across every level of the system stack—including the industry’s leading blade architecture, leading industry-standard servers, unique converged scale-out storage, and common management integrated with partner virtualization solutions.

The HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is engineered and integrated by HP design vs. “by committee” for VCE. Here is what real convergence looks like for HP customers.


  • HP StoreServ Flat SAN integration between HP BladeSystem/Virtual Connect and HP StoreServ on the HP ConvergedSystem700 reduces latency on the storage network by eliminating the need for a SAN switch. The Vblock 300 series always requires a physical switch for the SAN, which is inherently more complex. 1

  • HP StoreVirtual VSA on the HP ConvergedSystem300 transforms the server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a fully-featured shared storage array without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage . SMB and midmarket customers will appreciate this convenience as it reduces the amount of administration they have to perform. This level of convergence is not available on the Vblock 100, which has an external EMC array.2

  • HP Converged Systems employ end-to-end design starting with the customer and our partners. Each system is factory tested and integrated. We’ve simplified product representation and leveraged the experience we’ve gained in in leading the x86 server market for nearly 18 consecutive years .3  Simple ordering, simple deployment and simple payment plans too. Streamlining the supply chain provides customers with fastest time to value and increases your ROI.
  • HP Converged Systems deliver a single point of service accountability without ambiguity, as opposed to having components from different vendors. One phone call does it all with HP handling the complete service lifecycle. No more piece parts upgrades, it all covered.
  • HP Converged Systems deliver a seamless path to the cloud.
  • HP Converged Systems are strategic to HP and therefore this investment in HP is safe for the long term vs. the uncertainty of a VCE alliance that is becoming more strained over time.4


CS700.pngWill the real converged systems please stand up?

The truth is clear: HP ConvergedSystem is a truly exceptional solution, #switchtoHP.    

























1: Based on a review if the VCE Vblock System 340 Gen 3.1 Architecture Overview, January 2014

2: Based on a review if the VCE Vblock System 100:

3: HP’s is number one in x86 server revenue and units for nearly 18 consecutive years, 71 quarters. Includes Compaq ProLiant from 1Q96 through 2Q02 and HP ProLiant from 3Q02 through 4Q13. Source for historic data: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for 4Q13, February 2014. See The Real Story about Server Market Share:

4: Cold War: While Cisco and VMware battle, customers are safe at HP: /t5/Transforming-IT-Blog/Cold-War-While-Cisco-and-VMware-battle-customers-are-safe-at-HP/ba-p/161688#.U3vfDvldUeE

Who's rearranging the deck chairs?: /t5/Converged-Infrastructure/Who-s-rearranging-the-deck-chairs/ba-p/161312#.U3vfLfldUeE 



Come check out the HP Converged Systems up close and personal at HP Discover Las Vegas 2014. See for yourself! Don’t accept outdated reports or ads as the ‘truth’. Come talk to the HP experts who designed and engineered the HP Converged Systems or HP Sharks as we affectionately call them.




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Technology marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in energy, semiconductor and IT industries.

on ‎05-21-2014 09:32 AM

(Disclosure - I work for HP Storage and blog on Around the Storage Block).


Great post - I'm jealous that you beat me to this blog post but I guess since I'm HPStorageGuy, it's appropriate that you guys posted this. 


I attended a VMUG recently and VCE was the presenter.  They showed a slide saying exactly what you have here - they said HP was an integrator while VCE is the only true Converged Infrastructure.  I almost jumped out of my seat and yelled "He lies" but didn't.  Touting vBlock as the only true converged infrastructure isn't just silly - it's a lie.  And  it's a shame that VCE continues to allow their marketing to do this.  


And with Cisco now starting to compete with EMC with their inclusion of Whiptail Invicta (SSD-based array) in UCS offerings (see this article via The Register), I don't see how anyone can look at VCE and say the relationship is strong.  Reminds me how everyone said the relationship between DELL and EMC was strong after Dell bought Compellent.  Look what happened there.


A final point I have to make as a storage guy - one of the premises of VCE was that EMC was providing best in class storage.  I think that HP 3PAR StoreServ has clearly become a better storage option than EMC.  I have many recent blog posts discussing this but the one to look at that summarizes things is "Replacing EMC with HP 3PAR StoreServ".  You can see all of the 3PAR related blog posts on Around the Storage Block here.

on ‎05-22-2014 09:05 AM

I don't think it is smart or even professional to publicly insult a respected market leader, particularly when the market leader is the one HP tries very hard to copy from, even the product model numbers.


Per interviw with Tom Joyce(,"HP hits restart on 'converged systems,' takes aim at vBlock", HP's earlier products were really "reference designs" that came with more configuration options and were not as fully integrated out of the factory, according to Joyce. Customers now want faster times to deployment ....



on ‎05-22-2014 11:09 AM


Thanks for reading the post and for taking the time to comment.  I appreciate your point of view. We are on the alert to set the record straight with the facts when we see an inaccurate comparison.  In this case,  we are making factual compares with public references for substantiation so it is clear what the basis is for the statements.  Our standards are to communicate with facts and be civil at the same time.



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