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Crashing RDS


Crashing RDS

The RDS service crashes with the following error


Faulting application rds.exe, version 6.0.653.0, faulting module libob2ecmn.DLL, version 6.20.400.0, fault address 0x00034645.


I recently upgraded to 6.20 and i am not sure if something went wrong. Should the RDS have upgarded to 6.20 during the upgrade? it still shows the version as 6.0.653.0?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Crashing RDS



Please upload RDS*.* files from folder C:\ProgramData\OmniBack\db40\datafiles\catalog


 6.0.653.0 is the RDS engine database version and seems to be rigth.

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Re: Crashing RDS

Have you applied any patches (in the correct order) after the upgrade? From which version you upgraded? We had some similar issues here in the forum without real a solution. At which point does it crash? If it runs for some time, you could run omnidbcheck -extended. Would be best if you could get in touch with support.

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