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DB2 backup

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DB2 backup



Can you guys please tell me how I can increase the buffersize for a DB2 backup using DP7?


I am trying to get rid of this error:


[Major] From: OB2BAR_DB2BAR@****

DB2 returned error:

SQL2007N  Specified buffersize of "8" 4K buffers is too small for "32768" page 

size object.


Thanks for any reply!


Frequent Advisor

Re: DB2 backup


No reply  so I contacted HP support.

It turns out there are 2 variables for the .omnirc file that are not listed in the template file.


OB2_DB2BUFFSIZE can be used to change the value of buffer size

OB2_DB2BUFFNUM to change the number of buffers.


I used the first one and it fixed my issue.


Hope it helps others.