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Data Protection on devices

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Data Protection on devices

I use HP OpenView Storage Data Protector on a Windows 2003 Server with SP1.
I have some questions:

1-) I have 1 cell Manager, 3 Media Agents and 3 Disk Agents. Which license do I have to buy? I bought one license( B6961AA ) but with that I can only back up one device at a time. What do I need extra to buy?(license for media agents or disk agents)

2-) I backup in a cycle of 2 weeks with 13 days data protection and same as data protection for Catalog protection.
In Backup Specifications - File System - I do not choose any "Media Pool", I leave it as "No Media Pool Selected". is this correct?

3-) As I said I backup in a cyclce of 2 weeks, it means I overwrite the file after 2 weeks. How can I manage to format the disk automatically after 2 weeks, I tried it but it did not work, I got "mount request" error and now formatting manually to make sure that backup is successfull.

4-)I backup on mondays full and on tuesday inc1, on wednesday inc2, on thursday inc3 and on friday inc4. I set Allocation policies as "Appendable on Incrementals Only" and "Loose" and still get an error saying that "mount request", Medium in device "deviceabc" in the pool "deviceabc" cannot be appended. Medium label is: "deviceabc_1", why it tries to mount on mondays? I did set it as "Appendable on Incrementals Only".

5-) Do I get a support from HP because I purchased a product from them to able to ask these questions if nobody is going to help me.

Thank you

PS: Feel free to answer any of the question with mentioning the question number
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Re: Data Protection on devices


1) that will depend on how many drives and slots u have in your tape library. if u want all drives to be utilised, then u need to buy the equivalent amount of licenses.

2) i would recommend creating media pool. without a define media pool, a default device pool and it could be from anywhere.

3) u do not need to format if u have set data protection to 13 days. after 13 days when a schedule backup kicks off, there will be need to save the data from the tape.

4) u may like to read this:

5) i don't think so unless u have software maintenance contract.

so, it that 2 pts for each questions ;)

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Re: Data Protection on devices

1-) I do not use tapes, I use "File" as a Media type. So I am backing up to HDD. So I would like to know which license I need? Is it based on "media agent" or "disk agent"?
As I said I already have one license but can not do backup more than one at the same time. So I need extra license.

2-) I create a media pool, the same name as the device name. But we can set also it from this: Backup - Backup Specifications - File System, right click the name. Destination tab, select your device, click "Properties" where you set "Prealloc list", do I have to add something there, that field is empty and just above "Media pool" is shown as "No media pool selected"
Do I have to add soemthing to "Prealloc list"?

3-) I also thought so but If I do not manually format then I get a "mount request" error.

4-) I did read the link you gave but it does not fit to my specification because it is for a tape. I use re-occuring backup for example so monday full backups every 2 weeks in one location and the other monday to another location and after a week, I want to overwrite the previous one from 2 weeks before so I will have 2 weeks of backups in total. Full backup works fine and then also fine incr1, incr2, incr3 and incr4 but after 2 weeks I can not overwrite that one. What I do is, reformat before monday so it won't fail because of "mount request" error.

5-) probbaly I am doing somewhere a mistake and would like someone to see my configurations and give comments, I do not mind to get a screenshot from every window and put it on server so you say what is wrong. I just want to solve this "mount request" problem.
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Re: Data Protection on devices


sorry for the late reply.

since u r on file device backup, the number of drives u have configure will be the amt of single drive licences needed. the licence for DP5.5 is B6963AA (single drive for windows NT/2000)

what you do not see does not mean you should not believe
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Re: Data Protection on devices

Can someone be able to help me with any of the steps? It seems like all of them are still unanserwed.
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Re: Data Protection on devices

Hello Eric,

1-) The disk agents & media agents do not require licenses. What is required is the drive license (B6963AA or B6953AA depending on your platform). Your 3 media agents may be writing to the same physical drive(?).

Look under Configuration Information here for details -

2-) Media Pool is not related to protection, although you should place backups with the same protection level for the same media pool to ensure that all backups expires at around the same time and the tape is subsequently free to be overwritten. If you leave this to "No Media Pool Selected" then it will use the default media pool defined in that drive configuration (Normally Default LTO or Default DLT, etc.)

3-) You do not need to format the tape (I assume your original question was a typo) after 2 weeks. In fact you shouldn't format the tapes repeatedly as the header stores the usage of the tape (how many times has it been overwritten, when was it formatted). As long as the tapes are still in the media pool, then DP would use the tapes. I would suggest to read the DP Concepts and Administrator's Guide for a better understanding on this.

4-) This is a bit more tricky without knowing the exact setup you have there (device config, backup specs, etc.)

5-) Who did you purchase this from? Do check with them on your support entitlement. There are various support entitlements available, details are also in the quickspecs in the URL given above.

Hope the above helps.