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Data protector 6.2 license problem

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Data protector 6.2 license problem

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I have problem with license for Data protector 6.2 on Linux.

I had one DP 6.2 Cell Manager installed on SUSE linux 11 SP1 and D2D bacup system  whith iSCSI.  After D2D system was crashed, I attach  Storage Once MSL-4048 to Cell Manager and reinstall system, because  SUSE linux 11 SP1 not find Storage Once MSL-4048 in P-212 Array and I lost all backup data. I install SUSE linux 11 SP3, and DP6.2 n a clean sisemu but got problems with licenses.  I have "Cell Manager & Single Drive for Windows / NetWare / Linux" and  "Drive Extension for Windows / NetWare / Linux"  but system require "Cell Manager for all platforms" and "Drive Extension for SAN / all platforms".  Why ?!!!

Results for:

"omnicc -password_info" and "omnicc -check_licenses -detail" in attach

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Re: Data protector 6.2 license problem

I *think* the problem is due to non-recgnition of the platform (uname -a string).

You seem to have a newer kernel  with SP3 (3.0??)  as opposed to 2.6x with SP1 earlier.

IIRC, 3.0 Kernel support was delivered later with a patch....have you patched the 6.20 with all the latest patches including the bundle 6.21?


If so, log a support call, support should be able to deliver you a fix.




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Re: Data protector 6.2 license problem

Thank you. That's what I have. I installed the patch 6.21 but they do not help. Same thing in DP7.0. Tech Support, unfortunately, has already ended. I would change the platform.