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EADR. Linux SAN Boot.

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EADR. Linux SAN Boot.

Hi everyone, only a simple question..


Is supported EADR in a Linux Box (RH or SUSE) booting from SAN?

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Re: EADR. Linux SAN Boot.



it depends on your version of DP.

As far as I know with DP 6.2 it wasn't supported but with DP 7.0 at least it should work :-)


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Re: EADR. Linux SAN Boot.

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Data Protector 6.21 and 7.01 has been enhanced to support EADR for Boot from SAN installations on RHEL. SLES11 has just been added to 6.21 and might require a seperate fix from support. Refer to the following ERs.


EADR Support of SAN booting with Redhat 5.5/5.6


Support for Disaster Recovery for SLES 11 clients that boot from SAN


I had this discussion with a customer. For SLES, it might be best to choose to mount your filesystems by-label instead of by-uuid since your UUID might change if you want to restore to a different LUN on your disk array.




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