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HP DP 6.20 with exchange 2007 mailbox backup

Occasional Advisor

HP DP 6.20 with exchange 2007 mailbox backup

Hi All,


I'm having issue when create backup for exchange 2007 using single mailbox method. During backup wizard, I tried to expand Mailboxes to see the list, DP become unresponding. If I continue without expand list of mailboxes, the wizard complete successfully but upon execution of backup job, it failed.


I checked few doco on the internet (e.g and confirmed all the steps was followed correctly.


When I run mbx_bar.exe create, it pop up profile screen and return code is *RETVAL* 0, mbx_bar.exe chkconfig also return the same result.


mbx_bar.exe getconfig return with correct domain name, username etc...and return code *RETVAL*0


However, when i run mbx_bar.exe browse, it pop up another windows "Microsoft Exchange Server" with exchange FQDN and mailbox of exchange admin. If I click ok to continue, the command return *RETVAL*8100 Error code: -2147221220


I've tried to run same command with -debug and attached the result.


Please, anyone give me some light on this problem? I've been playing around with it for awhile


By the way, I'm running Windows 2003 R2 x64 SP2, exchange 2007.


Many thanks,