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HP DP 7.0 load on VMs


HP DP 7.0 load on VMs



we upgraded our backup systems and all the agents to version 7.0, however we noticed that puts significant additional load on our VM machines compared to 6.20 version. We do have our agents installed in VMs, so nothing really changed in that matter.


The load on the machines went during backups from 0.5 to 4 and basically the whole I/O subsystem is not responding during backups (machine is unresponsive as well for the whole backup period), so is there anything new in that concern or it is just virtualization problem (VMWare vSphere 5.0)?


thank you for your answers...



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Re: HP DP 7.0 load on VMs

I recommend to test a single VM backup to see if the load will similar high when the overall disk subsystem is only slightly utilized. Could be, that DP 7.0 just draws much more performance from your disk subsystem. Have a look at your vmkernel.log and the latencies on Datastores during backup.




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