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IDB backup problem

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IDB backup problem



My IDB size is 100 GB.IDB backup is taking long time (8 hours) and all remaining backup job's are going to hung state.


Please help on this.




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Re: IDB backup problem



i would suggest doing an idb maintenance. basicly purge old data in the idb, export and then reimport the data. during this time, no backup jobs can run.

have also seen that a heavily fragmented drive where the idb resides on, does create such effects you describe.



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Re: IDB backup problem

Please suggest how to export and import.

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Re: IDB backup problem



Make sure not Backup and Restore Jobs are running. Then stopp dp services (omnisv -stop) and make a copy of the omniback\db40 and omniback\config folder as a backup.


Start dp Services (omnisv -start)

Run Purge with "omnidbutil -purge -filenames -force"

-> you can monitor the process in dp gui. if you want to stop purge, use "omnidbutil -purge_stop"


if purge is completed run db export. create empty direcotry first (for example e:\dpdbexport\mmdb and e:\dpdbexport\cdb). after that, export idb

omnidbutil -writedb -mmdb <path> -cdb <path>


after export, just reimport idb with

omnidbutil -readdb -mmdb <path> -cdb <path>


after that, run omnidbutil -fixmpos


if everything went well, run omnidbcheck to verfiy if idb is fine..




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Re: IDB backup problem

100Gb is quite large.
You may want to start thinking about
    - recycle or export old media, which you no longer need.
    - reduce protection on some of your backups.
    - start a second cell, to take some of the load off this one.

There are some other purges that might help detailed in knowledge document KM744051