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Import HyperV server

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Import HyperV server

Hi Experts


I'm trying to import a HyperV server that is part of a cluster. Wht i have done so far is:


Installed the software directly onto the 2 servers that are a cluster (C1)

I have then "imported" a client (server 1)


When I import the next client (server 2) it shows up in the client list as a different icon type. See attached image.


My question is really what are the different type of icons?

And has the import worked correctly?


I have done this for another HyperV cluster ( 2 servers) and they look ok in the client list


thx for any help.

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Re: Import HyperV server

Best practice right now is:

* use Data Protector 6.21 or later to backup Hyper-V clusters
* install Data Protector client software locally in cluster-aware mode (use "run as administrator" if UAC is enalbed) to launch setup / install DA and VSS
* if software is installed correctly, the MS cluster will be imported during client setup of last node
* do the import of the Hyper-V hosts and the virtual instance as you did before / the icon will change to indicate this client has some additional capabilities / compare the tabs on a regular and a Hyper-V host
* make sure the username is entered in DOMAIN\username form
* install the virtual environment integration on any host in the network

Now you can add a new backup job using the virtual ressource as backup client, the VEPA client as backup host.

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Re: Import HyperV server

Hi Sebastian.


Thx for the reply.


The version I'm using is 6.21 and have updated the clients from the Cell Manager.

I am installing locally on each server in cluster aware mode, with DA,MA,Integrations- VSS & VE.

Username and password cluster aware is entered as domain\username - password.


First installation has an error about the cluster not fully imported, but all is ok when second installation is done. "Cluster C1 successfully imported".


I have imported the 2 servers and they now so correctly?? & I see the C! cluster in "MS Clusters" in clients?? I have spoken with our systems admin for the cluster and it turns out that two of the VM's in the cluster weren't clustered correctly. Now that has been fixed the "icons" are showing correctly. I will run some backups now.


thx for your help.



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Re: Import HyperV server

The warning regarding the cluster is correct. The virtual instance/cluster will be imported only when the last cluster node is installed using cluster aware setup.

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