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Intermittent datastreams when backup to disk

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Intermittent datastreams when backup to disk



Our Data Protector infraestructure has an anomalous behaviour. We copy data in an EMC DataDomain hardware, via NFS.

DataStream sent to DataDomain from Media Servers, starts fine, but sometimes, all becomes frozen. All processes in Cell Manager and Media Server frozen. No data written in DataDomain. After a while (random times), it stats again to send data to Datadomain, and again, after a while, stops again. No backup specs. cancelation, no errors... 

It has no a continued datastream to DataDomain.



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Re: Intermittent datastreams when backup to disk

I'd try using tcpdump or wireshark to see what's happening at the network level.


Is Data Protector trying to send the data but the other end has changed the window size to 0?


Are there re-transmissions?


Could there be a mis-match in NFS versions?