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Migrate and upgrade DP 6.11 to 6.2


Migrate and upgrade DP 6.11 to 6.2

Hi All

I have a little challange. I have to migrate my Cell Manager to other server (more power :-) ) with the same OS. But in this case I have to also upgrade whole cell from 6.11 to 6.2. The main issue is IDB. If I could move my IDB from old server to new it would be much easier. But I know that this operation is not supported because it is between different version of DP. Ofcourse I can upgrade DP on old server, install new DP on new machine and migrate IDB. Or other idea is: install new DP on new machine, migrate all clients, then upgrade old DP and then move IDB from that upgraded server to new installed DP 6.2 server.
Can anyone suggest something in my case? For sure somebody have experience with  something like my issue.

Thanks for any answer.