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Unable to open device error

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Unable to open device error

We are having some issue accessing any of the tapes on the device. I issued a "omnisv stop" and "omnisv start" command while the device was in the process of backing up a file. When I then later brought up the data protector GUI I noticed that slot 7 was showing as being empty. This was the slot that the tape was in that was being used at that point in time.


I was able to get the tape back into the slot using the menu on the physical device. Now none of my backups want to work and I am not able to format any new tape that I insert into the device.


Now I am getting a "[90:54]    Cannot open device (/dev/rtape/tape2_BESTn)" error message. It almost feels like the software thinks there is still a tape in use.


Any idea how to resolve this.


Thanks in advance

HPE Expert

Re: Unable to open device error

You didn't state what the OS-type or version is, but, when nothing is running, at the comand prompt, see if there is a hung session




If you see any, use the session ID to try and kill the session


omniabort -session [session id]          Do not include the [   ] marks


Stop Data Protector, and check to see if there are any running sessions


UNIX Cell Manager

       ps -ef | grep omni



       Open Task Manager, get a list fo running processes


Look for any 'xSM' (for example BSM, RSM, MSM, CSM, ASM) processes, if you see any, then kill them


Start Data Protector, and run


omnidbutil -clear


omnidbutil -show_locked_devs


If there are any locked devices or cartridges


omnidbutil -free_locked_devs

omnidbutil -show_locked_devs


This should free up your device.  If not, the Media Agent should probably be rebooted, because teh device is locked at the OS-level

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Re: Unable to open device error



We are running the data protector on w windows server and I believe it's version 6. If I log on to the console I am able to move the tape to and from the slot.


I did "devbra -devices" and got nothing on the screen.


I did "omnidbutil -show_locked_devs" with the following result.


I did "omnidbutil -clear" and that did not show any running sessions.


I have rebooted the server as well so there should not be any hung applications.


I guess i have to reboot "Media Agent" and I assume that is the physical device.



C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>omnidbutil -show_locked_devs

Locked devices/media/cartridges:

No locked devices/media/cartridges found!


When I looked at the debug log I found the following.


1/8/2014 3:49:43 PM  SecLibIpc.2964.2996 ["/lib/ipc/ipc.c $Rev: 14517 $ $Date:: 2010-11-03 18:44:53":1681] A.06.20 b370
ipc initialized before cmn!

1/8/2014 3:50:52 PM  SecLibIpc.3196.3204 ["/lib/ipc/ipc.c $Rev: 14517 $ $Date:: 2010-11-03 18:44:53":1681] A.06.20 b370
ipc initialized before cmn!

HPE Expert

Re: Unable to open device error

This is the really big flag for me:


"I did "devbra -devices" and got nothing on the screen."


I don't know if 'devbra -devices' will give the same output as 'devbra -dev', which is how the command should be run


Assuming that the output is accurate, this means that DP sees no locally-attached devices (Devices in a SAN are considered to be Locally Attached), you will need to reboot the HPUX media agent, which descovers all locally-attached devices, and run 'devbra -dev' again


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Re: Unable to open device error



I ran the command both ways and got the same results. Sorry for the stupid question but what is the "HPUX media agent" and how do I reboot it?

HPE Expert

Re: Unable to open device error

This is certainly a legitimate question


From your initial post


""[90:54]    Cannot open device (/dev/rtape/tape2_BESTn)"


The '/dev/rtape/tape2_BESTn' is a HPUX device file, so the media agent in running on HPUX


You did not include the entire error, but, as part of the error message, you can see


   From BMA@[hostname]


The [hostname] is that of your Media agent


You will need to get with your HPUX system administrator, rebooting normally requires 'root' permission

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Re: Unable to open device error

I recently had a situation where I rebooted a library thinking that all the drives were empty but one wasn't.  Subsequent write attempts to that drive failed.


Another reboot of the library fixed the problem.





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Re: Unable to open device error

As a last attempt before calling support I looked at the unix side of the equation and found that I had a session running on one of the hosts. I then killed the session and I was able to format tapes again.


ps -ef | grep omni

kill -9 nnnnn


Thanks to everybody for their help and suggestions.