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Where is the Data Protector forum?

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Where is the Data Protector forum?

Seeing as this forum is dead, I ventured into the other forums of the "great" new HP Forums. Although this forum was pointed out to me as the successor of the old DP forum (which saw ~20 new posts everyday) by an official email from HP, no-one is posting here.


So I found this forum under Storage:

It has DP posts, but not much.


So then I found another one:

Also has postings about DP, but mainly DP Express.


After some more searching (great searchfeature by the way! /sarcasm), I stumbled upon this one:

That one seems quite active.


Can someone finally tell me which forum I need to go to with my Data Protector questions and/or problems? More importantly, why is it so hard to find anything on the HP website (not just the forums)? One would think that a hardware and software vendor would be able to implement a decent search engine on their corporate website.



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Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

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>I found this forum under Storage:


This has some Data Protector and Data Protector Express which isn't related.


>I found another one:

but mainly DP Express.




>I stumbled upon this one:


This is the correct forum that just came from the ITRC.


>would be able to implement a decent search engine on their corporate website.


Have you tried using Google with ""?

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Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

Thank you, seems I found the correct one :)


And indeed, the only way to find something is by using Google with, but the site is such a mess with disappearing/changing links all the time even Google can't index it correctly.

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Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

Hi Arjan,


Thanks for your feedback. We have gone through 2 migrations in the last 10 days ( as you have noticed). There were some DNS issues after the 1st migration that we ran into, but these are fixed now. We have migrated all the ITRC forums into this community into the specific product area.


As we wanted to make sure ITRC members coming over would still recognize  their ITRC forums, we kept them  the name the same. In the Data Protector category you will find the existing support forum ( that was already present in this community), the migrated ITRC forum on Data Protector and a general information and news regarding the Data Protector product ( which doesn't have to be support oriented).


The community has a very good search mechanism (top right) where you can search within the board, with the category but also within the community, which can be helpful if you are searching for not only software but also hardware oriented topics.


You mentioned that it is difficult to search from our cooperate website. Could you provide me with some detail information on what the difficulties are, so that I can look into it.




Bill Groot


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Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

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Hi Bill,


thank you for your reply. Now that I have found the correct forum, that problem is solved.


As for the search: I challenge you to find the latest version of the Virtual Connect Support Utility through the search at If you succeed, please tell me the exact phrase and steps you took to get there. I found the latest version by using Google and adding .01 everytime, e.g. I started with "virtual connect support utility 1.32" up until 1.52, that seems to be the latest version.

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Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

Absolutely I agree, I post the error messages on the blog and wait to see if I get any answers and to my astonishment I see nothing !. Or it could be that I'm looking and searching in all the wrong places !...







Re: Where is the Data Protector forum?

Sorry for that you can ask questions here;


Pablo Alvarado

Pablo Alv Siles