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db2 archived logs backup


db2 archived logs backup

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DP version 6.2. CM - win2k3. DB2 running on suse 11. LOGARCHMETH1 = USEREXIT. 


Integration configured correctly, because db2 full backup is working fine. But when I start archived logs backup I get following error:


None of the Disk Agents completed successfully.
Session has failed.


debug log on client shows:

[db2bar:main] No action specified.


I have soft link db2uext2 -> /opt/omni/lbin/db2arch


maybe anyone has working backup specification of db2 archived logs and can help me a little bit?



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Re: db2 archived logs backup

create a backup spec with DB2 Database Backup Default

create a backup spec with ArchivedLogs_Backup Default

select different device for each backup spec


If we start the data backup spec automatically archive log backup will start after some time. please check in the monitor.

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Re: db2 archived logs backup

Shame but present the same problem

have any vision of the solution

waiting for your comments


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Re: db2 archived logs backup

I found 2 lab cases which reported this issue, and both are saying about the same thing


From the 'DB2" integration Guide




Archived logs are automatically backed up whenever a new offline redo log appears, for example, after the online backup of DB2 objects completes.


Therefore, do not start an online backup of DB2 objects before creating an archived logs backup specification.


Delete any old archived logs backup specification before creating a new one.
and, from the other lab case:
To run the backup of archive logs, the user has to create a seperate barlist by selecting the archive during creation of barlist and the entry for this will be upadted automatically in the db2 config file for that database respectively.